MG 14/28

MG 14/28 Sport ( 1924)

The MG 14/28 Super Sports was the first car, which was released by MG 1924. In 1927, he was replaced by the almost identical MG 14/40. First, the car came in small numbers in Alfred Lane, Oxford. 1925, the production, the Bainton Road was laid, a production facility that you shared with radiator production of Morris. The car still wore a " Morris Oxford " emblem, MG emblems appeared only in 1928 on. It originated about 400 vehicles.

Cecil Kimber had some Morris vehicles fitted with bodies of their own design, but in 1924 he began with the cooler of the Morris 14/28 Bullnose with "our popular MG Saloon " label. The actual chassis he picked up from the nearby factory in Cowley, changing it slightly and tunte the engine slightly. Then, these chassis were fitted with attractive aluminum bodies and painted in two colors. From the end of 1924 they were equipped with front brakes. There were wooden or wire -spoke wheels, which were hanging on the front axle on semi-elliptic leaf springs and at the rear axle to Dreiviertelelliptik - leaf springs. The top speed of about 104 km / h A Weymann saloon was introduced in 1926.

The end of 1926 revised the Morris Oxford and replaced the famous " Bullnose " radiator through a shallow copy, widened the chassis and thus also needed revised bodywork. HN Charles was hired by Kimber for this purpose. At the same time the chassis by Morris Garages got improvements to the brakes and suspension donated, bringing MG further away from its roots Morris. The revised car was heavier and so the speed dropped to 96 km / h Other changes included the Halbellptik leaf springs on the rear axle and the Solex carburetor, replaced the former SU. The braking systems were mechanical brake booster.