MG P-Type

The MG P -Type was a small sports car, the MG 1934 to 1936 produced. The as " Midget " designated car had a revised version of the engine used in the Morris Minor 1928 and Wolseley Ten with cross-flow cylinder head, overhead cam ( OHC ), which was built already in the predecessor type J -Type 1932 to 1934. About an unsynchronized four-speed gearbox, the rear wheels were driven. The chassis was slightly longer compared to its predecessor and was suspended by semi-elliptic leaf springs, solid axles front and rear. The steering worked initially with the Marles- Weller - cam system, later came the Bishop - cam system. The two-seater had a wheelbase of 2210 mm and a track width of 1067 mm. In addition to streamlined coupé bodies most vehicles were designed as open-top two -seater. In addition, there was the P -type as a four- seater, but this was a car that suffered from its weak engine and its low ground clearance back. While J -Type K -Type and L -Type numbers to the version distinguishing contributed (eg J1 for the four- seater or K2 for the two-seater ) that the P -Type and its six-cylinder sister model N-Type was not the case.

MG PA (1934-1935)

MG PA (1934 )

The first version, the MG PA, had a four-cylinder in-line engine with 847 cc displacement as the J -Type but now with three crankshaft bearings, larger camshaft and twin SU carburettors. He made 36 bhp ( 26.5 kW) at 5500 rpm.

MG PB (1935-1936)

MG PB (1935 )

The MG PB, which was built in 1935, had a larger engine with 939 cc displacement, which was developed by increasing the bore from 57 to 60 mm. This engine produced 43 bhp ( 31.6 kW). From the outside, both versions can be distinguished only with difficulty, the biggest difference is the grille; the PA has a honeycomb pattern, the PB vertical slats. Another difference is in the design and the material of the standard dashboard.

A total of 2000 MG PA and MG PB 526 were produced. 1935 cost an open two-seater PA - £ 222 today include the P -Type MG K3 Magnette next to the most coveted MG vehicles.

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MG PA Midget sports two-seater (1934 )

MG PB Midget sports two-seater (1936 )

MG PA Race 6 (1936 )