MG D-Type

MG D-type Midget (1932 )

The MG D-type Midget was a small sports car that was manufactured by MG from 1931 to 1932. He had the engine of the M- type and the chassis of the C -Type. There was only a four -seater version. Of the 250 cars produced this type were 208 touring car, 37 Salonettes and five chassis were delivered to other coachbuilders.

The car had was the engine of the M-Type with 847 cc displacement, from the four- cylinder in-line engine with overhead camshaft ( OHV ) and vertical shaft, as it had the Morris Minor 1928 and the Wolseley Ten developed. The engine had a single SU carburettor and made 27 bhp (20 kW) at 4,500 min -1. The engine power is transmitted via a unsynchronized three-speed transmission to the rear wheels. Later there was to request a four-speed transmission. The chassis was from C-Type and had head shape with cross members made ​​of round tubing. The chassis was also extended under the rear axle. It took the two rigid axles that hung on semi-elliptic leaf springs and friction dampers from Hartford on. The wire wheels were attached with central locking. The brakes were drums mit203 mm diameter. With 2,134 mm, respectively - after the first 100 copies 2,184 mm - the wheelbase was longer than the C -Type, to carry the bodies into account longer, but the track remained with 1,067 mm equal.

Despite its rapid appearance of the car was not very fast; the touring car managed only 96 km / h, because the large bodies were really too heavy for the small motor. The cars are very rare today, as many have been converted into C-Type replicas. At the same time MG also offered the identical from the outside F -Type with 1.3 liter six- cylinder engine. The larger engine better suited to this car, and as the Magna was - in contrast to the D -Type - a great sales success.