MG Y-type

The MG Series Y is a four-door sedan in the lower middle class, the MG 1947 brought out.

The MG Series YA has a four-cylinder in-line engine with 1250 cc and 46 hp ( 34 kW ), driving the rear wheels. The body in a classic pre-war style is based in part on the Morris 12 has curved, contrasting fender, all four doors on the B-pillars struck ( the front open to the rear, the rear to the front) and freestanding headlights.

1951 this model was replaced by the slightly modified MG YB Series with the same engine.

As early as 1948, offered a Sports Tourer, the MG Series YT. The Roadster has an equal engine as the sedan, but the 54 bhp (40 kW). It was built in only three years.

In 1953, the series was discontinued. For the Sports Tourer the built from 1961 MG Midget Mark I can be considered a successor.