Nadym (Russian Надым ) is a Russian Rajonshauptstadt in the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district with 46 611 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


Nadym is located on the eponymous river in northwestern Siberia, southeast of Obbusens. The capital of the Autonomous Okrug, Salechard, located 563 km to the northwest, the Oblasthauptstadt Tyumen is located 1225 km south of Nadym. The nearest town is Novy Urengoy, approximately 200 km east of Nadym.


Nadym was founded in 1972 as a housing estate, the same year it became a city. Original settlement of the region was the focus on the opposite bank of the river located Stary Nadym, but outstripped by its founding Nadym the neighboring quickly. 2004, the urban-type settlement Stary Nadym was incorporated into Nadym.

A residential neighborhood in Nadym


Note: Census data ( rounded to 1970 )

In the same Rajon Nadym 19,919 people live; largest settlement of Rajons to Nadym is Pangody with 10,805 inhabitants.


Nadym developed in the course of natural gas production. The city has a regional airport and is the terminus of a currently disused railway line from Salechard. Various gas combines and the building materials industry characterize Nadym today.


Nadym is the seat of a branch of Tyumen State University, the Psychological and Sociological Moscow University and other educational institutions.