Urengoy (Russian Уренгой ) is an urban-type settlement in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug ( Russia) ( October 14, 2010 status ) with 10,066 residents. It is not to be confused with the 80 km westerly city of Novy Urengoy.


Urengoy is located in the West Siberian Plain, about 530 kilometers east ( straight line ) of the district capital Salechard. The city lies on the right ( eastern ) bank of the river Pur.

Urengoy belongs to Rajon Purowski whose administrative center Tarko-Sale approximately 120 kilometers south, near the origin of Pur from its headwaters Pjakupur and Aiwassedapur is.


The late 1940s was planned to cross the Pur by the Arctic Circle railway from Salechard to Igarka in the field of today's settlement Urengoy. After the building had been adjusted after Stalin's death, the place was abandoned until in the 1960s began the development of the oil and natural gas deposits of Western Siberia. 1966 is considered the founding year of the place.

The huge gas field discovered in a row was named the Urengoy gas field after the settlement. Soon emerged further west, closer to the gas pump, a new settlement, Novy Urengoy ( " New Urengoy "), which soon overtook the old settlement in importance and population, and today has more than 100,000 residents. But Urengoy received in 1979 the status of an urban-type settlement.


Note: as of 1989 census data

Economy and infrastructure

The main industry is oil and gas exploration: In Urengoy numerous geological and geophysical companies are located.

About ten kilometers southwest of the city lies the settlement Korottschajewo where the railway from Stary Nadym or Jamburg ( about Novy Urengoy ) towards Tyumen ( about Surgut ) bends to the south (and thus the course of the Arctic Circle Railway leaves ). This leading south stretch was in 1990 taken by the Soviet Railways regularly in operation, is run by the Russian State Railways ( RŽD ) operated and connects the region also in the railway network of the European part of Russia. The of Korottschajewo about Novy Urengoy to the west leading route that follows the in the 1950s partially completed route of the Arctic Circle Railway, was taken as early as the 1970s as industrial railway in operation and is today operated by the Yamal Railway Company, a joint venture of Autonomous Okrug, the RŽD branch Sverdlovsk railway and Sewtjumentransput.

Urengoy has been associated with Korottschajewo and the road network on the left bank of the Pur only pontoon bridges or in the winter ice road. In the settlement there is a small river port on Pur.