Nanto (Toyama)

Nanto (Japanese南 砺 市, -shi) is a city in Toyama prefecture in Japan.


Nanto is located southwest of Toyama and south of Takaoka.


The city of Nanto created on 1 November 2004 from the merger of Machi Fukuno (福 野 町, machi ), Inami (井 波 町, machi ), and Johana (城 端 町, machi ), the Mura Inokuchi (井口 村, -mura ), Kamitaira (上 平 村, -mura ), Taira (平 村, -mura ) and Toga (利 贺 村, -mura ) in Higashitonami -gun (东 砺 波 郡), which was dissolved subsequently, as well as the Machi Fukumitsu (福 光 町, -machi ) in Nishitonami -gun (西 砺 波 郡).


In Nanto is the Gokayama (五 箇 山) region, which extended over the former villages Kamitaira, Taira and Toga. Gokayama is the one known for its recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site " Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama gō " villages Suganuma in Kamitaira and Ainokura in Taira and the other for the Kokiriko melody (こきりこ 節, Kokiriko - bushi ). This melody is the oldest folk song of Japan and used an instrument called Sasara (also: Binsasara and Kokiriko - Sasara ), which consists of 108 lined wooden plates.

Other attractions include the Shinto shrine Takase -jinja and the Buddhist temple Zuisen -ji.


  • Street: Tōkai - Hokuriku Expressway
  • National roads 156, 304, 359, 471
  • JR Johana Line

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