Pontresina ( German / Italian; ? Rumauntsch turkey Puntraschigna / i ) is a municipality in the district of the Upper Engadine, Maloja district of the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. The municipality is located in the Engadine, north of the Bernina Pass in the Val Bernina.

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The interpretation of the first written references pontem Sarasinam ( 1137 ) and Ponte Sarracino ( 1303) is controversial, some historians translate it with " Bridge of the Saracens " and see a connection with the naming of the invasion of the Arabs in the Switzerland of the 10th century. Following an alternative explanation, the name derives from a bridge, which was named after its founder Sara Shin " Ponte sara Sinae ".

Coat of arms

Blazon: Split of black and gold ( yellow), covered by a silver ( white ) arch bridge

Adjusted Crest of the year 1934 with respect to the municipality of origin ( canting arms ). The bridge represents the Punt Ota



Originally, the inhabitants of turkey, a Romansh idiom for understanding. However, with the advent of tourism, the language was pushed back quickly. Early as 1880, gave only 45.7 % of the population Romansh as their native language. In 1900, the value had dropped to 33.61 % (164 compared with 252 German- Romansh at 488 inhabitants). The decline of the Roman continues to this day (1941 26.7 %, 1970 16:22 %, 2000 7.94 %). The only official language of the German authorities is today. Nevertheless, the official language of instruction was at primary school a few years ago only Romanesque; Today Romansh and German is taught. The development of recent decades shows the following table:

Remarkably, the proportion of Italian speakers, which is above the Romanesque decades. Third most common language in 2000 was Portuguese with 9:04 % share of the total population, which is due to the hotel staff. 1990 32.4 % were able to agree on Romanesque nevertheless still; in 2000 it was 25.3 %. The community is thus in fact trilingual.

Religions and denominations

1549 the Reformation was introduced. The village is now equal Evangelical Reformed and Roman Catholic. The reformed parish is part of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Grisons, the Roman Catholic part of the Diocese of Chur.

Origin and nationality

From the end of 2005 1911 residents were in 1377 ( = 72 % ) Swiss nationals.


Pontresina owes its importance to its location on the Bernina Pass and tourism. In the Middle Ages the town was more important than the neighboring St. Moritz. At this time, however, remember only a few buildings, as was afflicted at the beginning of the 18th century Pontresina by a large fire. After 1850 the first inn opened, tourism began to flourish. In the summer of 1885 there were already 2,000 guests.

Another step forward was the place in 1908 with the opening of the Bernina Railway, which later merged with the Rhaetian Railway. Today in the system separating point of Pontresina takes place locomotive exchange for the Bernina Express.


  • The place is characterized by houses in the Engadine style. Many are decorated with sgraffito murals and decorated bay windows.
  • Chesa Campell
  • From the 12th century the castle tower spaniola comes.
  • History conveys the " Alpine Museum ."
  • Between the old part of the village and the train station is the Punt Ota, crosses the Bernina Bach.
  • Heritage of national importance is the Kronenhof.
  • Conversion and extension Chamanna because Tschierva, 2002 in Val Roseg, architect: Hans -Jörg Ruch


Also worth seeing are the church of Sta. Mary from the 12th and 13th centuries, which is provided in its interior with numerous frescos, and the baroque village church of San Niculò. Until 1975 there was a Anglican church, the Holy Trinity Church in the village center.

Winter sports

Cross-country skiing

Pontresina maintains a great tradition for Nordic skiing for years. Cross Country and Biathlon World Cup, Continental Cup, FIS races, Swiss Championships, Junior World Championships and many Regional and junior races. Among the most spectacular events included the activities undertaken on the covered with artificial snow village road night sprints with high-profile participation of World Cup athletes through the town center. Since 2008, Pontresina is part of the Engadin Ski Marathon also destination of the newly introduced half-marathons.

Alpine Skiing

With a men's downhill Alpine Ski World Cup races last time one in Pontresina took place on 5 December 1982 to kick off the World Cup season 1982/1983 instead. At that time the Austrians Harti Weirather won ahead of his compatriot Franz Klammer and the Swiss Peter Müller. As the second best Swiss, the Grisons Conradin Cathomen classified in fourth place. Last Pontresina 2003 was hosting a partner at the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup St. Moritz- Pontresina in years.

Ski Jumping

1907 began in the Engadin with the construction of the Bernina jump, which was officially inaugurated in the winter of 1912 as a 40 - meter hill. In the twenties, it was decided on the left side of the Rosegtals to build a new larger jump, the widths should allow up to 80 m. Opened in 1925 the Ski Club Bernina Pontresina, this complex offers an international competition. In the years that made ​​many big jump runs, in some winters up to four races have been carried out. During this time belonged to Pontresina international ski jumping at the leading athletic events in Europe. So jumped here in 1928 by the Swiss Bruno Trojani the first jumper of the world more than 70 m. Another world record succeeded Adolf Badrutt 1930 75 m 1948 was the last competition on the Bernina ski jump instead. After the Second World War fell into both hills.

Mountain railways

At the Bernina Pass the two Pontresina ski resorts Diavolezza ( 2,978 m) and Lagalb ( 2'893 m). The village center with a chair lift to Alp Languard ( 2,330 m). Something outside Pontresina, halfway to Samedan, located in Punt Muragl the valley station of the funicular railway to Muottas Muragl ( 2,456 m).

Swiss Irontrail

Pontresina is the starting point of the first held in July 2012 Swiss mountain run Irontrail.


  • Gian Marchet Colani, 1772-1837, legendary hunter and gunsmith
  • Curdin Perl, * in 1984, cross-country skiers



Station Pontresina

Castle Hotel in Pontresina

Chair of the Alp Languard ( 2,330 m)