PZL Bielsko SZD-55

The PZL Bielsko SZD 55-1 Promyk ( German: Sunbeam ) is a single-seat high performance glider. The glider - index is 106


The SZD -55 -1 is a high performance glider standard class and was constructed in 1987. In their flight performance is comparable with approximately the shutter Schneider LS8. PZL Bielsko has ceased the manufacture of gliders. Currently it is oo, the Polish manufacturer PZL Glider Sp z Allstar continued to be built under the name " Nexus ".


The mid-wing is a pure GRP construction, and includes by engineering and manufacturing a very low curb weight of 215 kg. Nevertheless, a water ballast can be carried 195 kg despite the low tare weight. In the tail of the aircraft is an eight liter water ballast tank to precisely trim the aircraft for each flight condition. The wing weighs 55 kg and has an automatic control connections.

Flight practice

SZD 55-1 is characterized by its low Empty weight, whereby a rapid set-up and teardown is possible. There is also the possibility to fill the space with effectively 180 liters of water ballast, which is advantageous to haul flights. The rear tank to balance the center of gravity is to be used only with the wing tanks. A disadvantage of the low weight is particularly without water ballast, as the model then becomes easy to fly out its glide ratio at high speeds.

With your glide ratio of 43-44, the SZD -55 still offers good conditions for demanding glider.