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The novel horn station is a railway junction in the Thurgau municipality Roman Horn Lake Constance. It is operated by the SBB, Thurbo and the Swiss Südostbahn with long-distance and regional traffic, including three lines of the S -Bahn St. Gallen.

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The station was opened in 1855 after two years of planning, time, together with the first stage of Lake Constance train to Winterthur as its terminus. In the same year was built to plans by Johann Jakob Breitinger also the station building.

1869 was the sea line of Roman horn to Rorschach the Swiss Northeastern Railway in operation. In the same year were established Trajektverkehre between Roman Horn and Friedrichshafen and Lindau and the Austrian Bregenz for the cross-border transport of goods to and from Germany. The connection to Friedrichshafen is the basis for the 1929 equipped car ferry Romanshorn- Friedrichshafen. The railcars with Friedrichshafen was discontinued after 107 years of operation in 1976, that. Lindau and Bregenz with the outbreak of World War II

On 1 July 1871, the rail link to Kreuzlingen harbor and across the border to Konstanz station was opened to traffic.

On 1 October 1910, the Bodensee- Toggenburg -Bahn opened the route via St. Gallen and Wattwil to Nesslau.

Conversion 2001 - 2003

Around the turn of the millennium, the business was still passed through five mechanical interlocking of the Brunswick company Jüdel of 1913. The southern exit was spanned by the last signal bridge in Switzerland. The public facilities were outdated; access to the tracks 5 and 6 took place over a level crossing, which was backed by the legendary " Chetteli ", ie chains and a roller door. To enable the switch to the ferry, the Zurich -speed trains during the stay had to be withdrawn in each case, to enable the passage.

Therefore, the SBB decided to an investment of CHF 50 million in the modernization of the station. The contributions of the community were adopted in a vote with 86 percent of votes.

The modernization began in the summer of 2001 and lasted until the end of November 2003. Were Down the track 1, the Lokremise of 1900 as well as various buildings and tracks the former goods station. The mechanical signal boxes have been replaced by an electronic signal box Siemens type SIMIS C and thus also the trowel signals and the hand-operated barriers.

Also in the audience of comfort has been greatly improved. The generous pedestrian underpass replaced the " Chetteli transition ". Fall leaf displays and screens were purchased for passenger information, which replaced the lever served by boards from 1920. The platforms were increased, renewed the roofs and speakers. The two kiosks were replaced by a new building. Thanks to an extension of the platform 2, the fast trains to Zurich can now run on the track 3.

As part of this restructuring the railway station square was renewed. For a stir beyond the country's borders thereby made ​​the sculpture of the mythical creature " Mocmoc " by the artist duo Com & Com. The heated debates in the population led to a consultative vote, in which the voters on 17 May 2004 with 53.5 % Yes spoke out for the whereabouts of the Mocmoc on the station square.

Developments since 2003

The Lokremise SBB and the signal boxes are marketed since 2003 by the Association of Historic Central Thurgau -Bahn as Locorama, a Railway World. The historic Signal Bridge, coal shed and the water crane are parts of Locorama.

In the course of Rail 2000 with a guided IC2000 Intercity trains every hour between Roman Horn and Brig was introduced.


As part of the reform of the line S -Bahn St. Gallen the Pre-Alpine Express is to be shortened on the train route between Lucerne and St. Gallen- Roman Horn and St. Gallen by the compression of the S3 Nesslau- Neu St. Johann on St. Gallen and Roman horn be replaced to Schaffhausen.


Long-distance traffic

  • IC Romanshorn- Weinfelden -Winterthur - Zurich Airport Zurich HB station Bern -Brig
  • IR novel horn -St. Gallen -Pfäffikon SZ- Arth -Goldau -Lucerne Pre-Alpine Express

Regional Transport

  • S 3 St. Gallen Haggen -St. Gall - Roman -Kreuzlingen - Schaffhausen
  • S 7 Rorschach Roman Horn Weinfelden
  • S 8 ( Schaffhausen ) Kreuzlingen novel horn -Rorschach
  • S 30 Winterthur HB - Frauenfeld - Weinfelden ( - Roman Horn - Rorschach ) only temporarily