Ryan Tedder

Ryan Benjamin Tedder ( born June 26, 1979 in Tulsa, Oklahoma ) is an American musician, songwriter and music producer. He is known as the singer of the band OneRepublic, which had an international number one hit with Apologize in 2007.

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Tedder grew up in Tulsa, his birthplace, on and learned already to play the piano at the age of three years. His father had already been a musician and teacher. Tedder's favorite musicians were at the early age artists like Sting and Peter Gabriel. In his youth formed around him more often bands that played at schools or churches. When he was in high school, he was a guitarist in a school band. With this Zach Filkins was the part with Tedder of the group OneRepublic should be later.

Musical career


After college Tedder moved to New York and then to Nashville to produce songs. After some time as a producer he met the hip hop musician Timbaland ( previously with Justin Timberlake or Aaliyah successfully ), should follow with the further cooperation. With Timbaland Tedder came out more as a producer. It was followed by engagements with Dima Bilan, Natasha Bedingfield, Monrose, Paul Oakenfold, Kelly Clarkson, Ashley Tisdale, Chris Cornell, Jennifer Lopez or Big Time Rush. His greatest success as a composer and producer were the number one hit from 2008 Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis, which he had co-written by Jesse McCartney, as well as from the 2009 Halo by Beyonce Knowles. Even Adele's hit single Rumour Has It (2011) was written by him. In 2011, he produced the track I Was Here for Beyoncé. The track can be heard on the album 4.


2002, formed the alternative rock band OneRepublic. Tedder is the producer, songwriter, singer, guitarist and pianist of the band. After its inception, the band started initially only on the Internet by on the popular MySpace pages. Since June 2004, their songs have been played about 22 million times on the page. The commercial success of the single and album releases had, however, still longer to emerge.

With the release of the album Shock Value in 2007 on which a remixed version of their title can be found Apologize, Timbaland did with the band that single end of the same year on the market. With number one hits in the German-speaking countries and other countries, the song became an international smash hit and helped the band to break through.


Ryan Tedder is married to Genevieve. They have one son ( Copeland Cruz Tedder, August 2, 2010, Denver, Colorado). With its 3 cousins, Adam, Ashley and Austin Clark, which together form the band "Sons of Sylvia ", he has already worked together.


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