Bleeding Love

Bleeding Love is a pop / R & B ballad by British singer Leona Lewis. It was written by Jesse McCartney and Ryan Tedder, who also produced the song. Bleeding Love appeared on Lewis' debut album Spirit; In October 2007, the piece in the UK and Ireland was released as a single ( Lewis's official second single to A Moment Like This ). In 2008 the title was a worldwide success and the best-selling single. Bleeding Love is by Candle in the Wind 97 ' the second song, which reached number one on the charts in 34 countries. The music video was first aired on 17 October 2007 and uploaded on the same day on YouTube, where it was viewed over 120 million times.

The title was digital download only in the United States, over 3.3 million copies and was there in 2008 the best-selling single. The piece is in the Billboard charts decades from 2000 to 2009 successful 17th place yet, the single was in the United Kingdom, where it was the best-selling single of 2007. It far more than 9 million units of Bleeding Love were sold, making the single sold for fifth most single of the millennium and of the 21st century and one of the most successful and best-selling songs of all time. Bleeding Love stayed for three years in the British charts, 2007, there was a number-one hit, 2008, the song was ranked number 2 and 2009 ranked number 97 on the British charts. Bleeding Love was nominated for the 2009 Grammy Awards for a Grammy in the categories of Record of the Year, Single of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Female Vocal Performance.


In December 2006, Leona Lewis won the third series of The X Factor, a British talent show. Your generous prize was a record deal over a million pounds at Sony BMG, where Simon Cowell ( who sat on the jury of The X Factor ), an A & R boss. Cowell motivated Lewis in the talent show. He wanted to make Lewis' debut album "an unbelievable record" with the world's top producers and songwriters.

In February 2007, the OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder and pop singer and songwriter Jesse McCartney wrote the song Bleeding Love for McCartney's third studio album Departure, but his label did not like the song. Tedder kept the song for "massive". McCartney wanted to keep the song for himself, but Tedder refused to work with him. In an interview Tedder said he would not work with a winner of American Idol, but when he some songs sounded on Lewis site, he said, " from the perspective of a songwriter has this girl - with or without a TV show - one of the best voices that I have ever heard. " As Tedder heard that Cowell is looking for songs for Leona's debut album, Tedder Bleeding Love Leona Lewis arranged for, as the song fit her voice perfectly.

Music Structure and Content

Bleeding Love is a pop / R & B ballad, in F major. It has 104 beats per minute (bpm) in 4/4-time. The album version is 4 minutes and 22 seconds and the radio edit 4 minutes and one second. Lewis sings her version in a vocal range of 1 1/2 octaves. The song has a verse - chorus form on. Up to the bridge, the melody is predominantly played by an organ. Furthermore, the melody is played by a synthesizer, which integrates a wooden percussion instrument in the melody. A drum bass adds the rhythm. The song uses an interesting, yet simple harmonic sound at the beginning of the bridge. A harmonic shift or harmonic variety generally identifies most song bridges ( Bridges). Bleeding Love uses in the main time, I, VI, IV, V ( F, Dm, Bb, C) progressions. The quality of the second verse and the chorus, on the development of chords: VI, relating to the relative minor, increase tensions and emotions of the song.

McCartney wrote that the song is about a friendship between a boy and a girl and said:

"I think the idea that we love each other so much that it is heartedly. I have not taken me four months with my girlfriend and she absolutely wanted to meet again. I was so in love with her that it was embarrassing. I was blinded by love. "

The song shows someone in a relationship that is blinded by love. Later, the girl and the boy meet again and both admit that they love each other.


The song was first played on September 16, 2007 in the BBC Radio 1 Chart Show on the radio, then set it to the blogger Perez Hilton online to promote it for Bleeding Love. It was reported that over 1.5 million people are said to have the song belongs online.

Lewis wanted a regional two- day tour of the UK radio on 11 and 12 October 2007 in order to promote the single and the debut album. It was followed by an appearance on the show This Morning on October 15, 2007. Lewis sang the song in the fourth season of The X Factor on 20 October 2007 and had many other TV appearances to promote the single and her debut album.

Lewis singing Bleeding Love at the Festival della canzone italiana betting on 29 February 2008 and in the German show, dass. on 1 March 2008.

Lewis had her U.S. television debut on the Oprah Winfrey Show on 17 March 2008, where she sang " Bleeding Love ". She sang the song still on Good Morning America on April 4, 2008 Live With Regis and Kelly on 8 April 2008, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Ellen DeGeneres Show on 11 April 2008 and The Tyra Banks Show on April 17, 2008. Leona Lewis singing Bleeding Love in the seventh season of American idol live on Wednesday, 23 April 2008.



The song was well received by critics, most described the song as " emotional romance" and said, " This song is best shown by Leona's powerful and beautiful singing, in the moment when she opens her mouth, everything is beautiful." "Digital Spy " said, "it is the best single that was ever released by an X Factor star" and describes it as " brilliant pop song in the style of Lewis. "

Most critics compared Leona Lewis' song with Whitney Houston. "BBC America" ​​stated, " no one can sing as good as Bleeding Love Leona Lewis. "

Furthermore, told BBC America that Bleeding Love sounds like a song by Mariah Carey. " It's a slow number - too slow for the club, too fast for the foxtrot. One can describe how Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl, only as a ballad. " And led on," Leona has more melisma as Christina Aguilera. "

Billboards Chuck Taylor gave Bleeding Love a good review and described the song as Zeitgeist. The Village Voice described the song as "perfect Carey - pop. "


Bleeding Love Leona Lewis brought many awards and nominations. In December 2007, Bleeding Love won the category Record of the Year and the award for Best Song of the Year at the Virgin Media Music Awards 2007. In January 2008, the song at the BRIT Awards in the category Single of the Year nominee. The award winning Take That's song Shine, though many expected that Bleeding Love would conquer with great distance, but it did not come. The global mega- success of Bleeding Love Lewis brought an award for the Best British artist in 2008 on Friday, 23 May 2008. On 3 December 2008, the song in the four categories Song of the Year, Single of the Year, Record of the Year and was Best Female vocal performance Grammy Awards. Rolling Stone magazine placed the song at number 25 of the 100 best songs of 2008. In April 2009, Tedder and McCartney were awarded the Song of the Year at the 26th ASCAP Pop Music Awards, because they have Bleeding Love written.

Commercial success

Bleeding Love debuted at # 1 in the British charts on 28 October 2007. Bleeding Love as a number-one hit, Lewis became the first The X Factor contestant, the two number one hits in the United Kingdom. It stayed for seven weeks at No. 1 and was one of the longest number - one hits in the United Kingdom a female artist in UK chart history.

In Australia Bleeding Love debuted at number 9 of the Australian charts on 24 December 2007 and 21 January 2008 she was the first British talent show winner, who reached the top of the Australian charts and the first British artist Sandi Thom I Wish since I Was a Punk Rocker ( With Flowers in My Hair ) in the spring of 2007 stood at No. 1. On 10 February 2008, the single went platinum in Australia for over 70,000 units sold. In New Zealand, Leona Lewis became the first British artist to hit the charts, since the Sugababes in January 2006; Bleeding Love was five weeks at No. 1 In addition, the song became a number -one hit in Switzerland, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In the United States, the single was released on 18 December 2007 and downloaded on the same day over 6,000 times. The song debuted on 1 March 2008 officially entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number 85, the song was Leona Lewis first Top Ten hit in the U.S. and her first number -one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 The song reached three times square 1 in the U.S., after falling three times in 2nd place. Overall, Bleeding Love was four weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 It was also in other U.S. charts a number -one hit, as in the Hot Digital Songs and in the "Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks" charts, where the song one years remained.

Leona Lewis is the third British artist in the history of the U.S. charts, which has a number-one hit in the U.S., according to Petula Clark Downtown (1965) and Sheena Easton Morning Train ( Nine to Five) (1981) and the first British artist of this was achieved with an international debut single and the first to simultaneously topped the singles and album charts in the U.S..

In the U.S., the song has been downloaded over 3 million times commercially.

After Bleeding Love for a week was number 1 in the U.S., it dropped to 4 and climbed in next week 2nd place and was in the third week again for a week at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, where it Lil Wayne's song replaced " Lollipop" from the top, this time Bleeding Love could hold 1st place in the next week and thus was two weeks in a row at # 1 on the U.S. charts and a total of four weeks at No. 1 It is the second single in the U.S. Charts, which managed this feat; Chic already succeeded in doing so in January 1979 with her ​​song Le Freak. During this time, debuted Leona 's debut album Spirit at # 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart and made Lewis the first British artist Leona, who managed to be in the U.S. at the same time No. 1 on the singles and album charts. Bleeding Love spent 20 weeks in the top ten of the U.S. charts and 10 weeks on the first two places in the United States. In the U.S. charts of the year 2008 Bleeding Love reached # 7 and was better placed than artists like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

On April 5, the song reached # 1 in Canada. In Spain, the song reached # 2 on the charts and has been recognized for over 40,000 units sold with platinum. Bleeding Love was in all radio stations worldwide a mega success and reached the airplay number-one in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Slovakia, Latin America, Estonia and Japan. In the Greek airplay charts, the song reached # 2 In Italy, the song reached only through download sales # 1 on the Italian charts, where he could keep 13 weeks.


Bleeding Love was released on 22 October 2007 in the United Kingdom as a digital single and downloaded directly on the first day more than 66,000 times, and topped the British charts iTunes Store. From Bleeding Love over 126,000 units in the UK were already three days later and sold over 150,000 units end of the week. In the first week over 218.805 units were sold. These high sales figures was the Bestverkaufswoche 2007 in the UK. There were 107,000 downloads of the week and there were over 112,000 CD singles sold.

In the third and fourth week of 489 153 units have been sold by the song, thereby Bleeding Love was the best selling single of 2007 in the UK. These high sales of the song spent seven weeks at number one in the British charts and more weeks at No. 2 at the end of 2007, the single was sold over 788.000 times, these are the highest sales of a British artist in UK chart history. Bleeding Love was in the United Kingdom awarded on 9 November 2007 with gold and platinum on 18 January 2008.

The song has over 940,000 units in the United Kingdom, and over 4 million units in the United States. On 19 September 2008, the single was certified gold and four times platinum in the UK and in the U.S. and double platinum in Australia.

Music videos

There are two music videos for Bleeding Love. The first was filmed by Melina Matsoukas in Los Angeles. It was filmed in an apartment block and shows the different stages of a relationship between man and woman ". , The video is extremely emotional and shows the stages of first love " The international version of the music video was uploaded on 17 October 2007 on the Internet platform YouTube.

Lewis took on a second music video for the U.S. release of Bleeding Love, which was filmed in New York. Was directed by Jessy Terrero and Ryan Tedder. The video had uploaded its U.S. premiere on 29 January 2008 on Yahoo! Music and was on 30 January 2008 at YouTube. The television debut was on 4 February 2008 on VH1.

The international video won the category Best UK Video at the MTV Video Music Awards 2008. U.S. video was number 1 in the VH1 Year End Top 40

Credits and personnel

  • Singing - Leona Lewis
  • Songwriter - Ryan Tedder & Jesse McCartney
  • Audio Mix - Phil Tan
  • Recording Engineer - Ryan Tedder
  • Assistant recording engineers - Nate Hertweck and Craig Durrance
  • Producer - Ryan Tedder
  • All instruments - Ryan Tedder
  • Programmers - Ryan Tedder
  • Arrangement - Ryan Tedder
  • Recorded in: Mansfield Studios, Los Angeles, California
  • Record Plant Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
  • Encore Studios, Burbank, California



Cover versions

  • Romina Mercedes coverte the song in 2008. Approved The official German version of Bleeding Love is, I only love you.
  • Jesse McCartney took in 2008 a cover version of the song as a bonus track for the Japanese edition of his album Departure on.
  • The German group The Baseballs coverte the song in 2009 in rockabilly style for their debut album Strike! .
  • The Belgian Euro Vision Song Contest participants Tom Dice coverte the song in 2010.


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  • Number -one hit
  • Pop song
  • Song 2007
  • Multi -platinum song (United States)
  • Platinum Song ( Germany )
  • Platinum - song (United Kingdom)
  • Leona Lewis

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