Run (Snow Patrol song)

January 26, 2004

Run is a song by British alternative rock band Snow Patrol. It was released in 2004 as the second single from the album Final Straw. 2008 coverte the British X Factor winner Leona Lewis, whose version was more successful than the original.

Version of Snow Patrol

In 2003, the song appeared on the third Snow Patrol Final Straw studio album and was released on 28 January 2004 as the second single from the album. The music video was shot at sunrise and sunset in the countryside of Essex. It was produced and directed by Paul Gore of Suzie Morton and photographed by Ben Smithard. In Germany, the song was able to place only because of downloads.

Version of Leona Lewis

On 31 October 2007 Lewis sang her version for the first time in the Live Lounge of the British radio station BBC Radio 1 in November 2008, the cover of the re-release of her debut album Spirit, Spirit was: The Deluxe Edition published. Lewis presented their version live in some TV shows in England, for example, The X Factor or the Jo Whiley show. The positive response led to the publication of the song in the UK, although it was originally planned not to publish the piece as a single. Run immediately reached # 1 and became the fastest -selling digital single in the UK, because there were almost 70,000 units sold in just two days. The music video for Leona Lewis' version was directed by Jake Nava in South Africa. It shows Lewis in a barren landscape and a forest above a city.

On 12 December 2008 Run was published in the Lewis version in Germany. The ballad climbed to position 18 in the charts and peaked in the weeks that followed in 15th place after 17 weeks, it fell off the charts and out again but later rose again in the charts; However, it never came on 3rd place out. 2010, the song was sung Got Talent by Andrea Renzullo in the RTL talent show and reached number 9 again the German charts. On November 5, in the 35th Appreciation Week, the song reached No. 3 with a new peak position after it had even occupied in the meantime # 1 on iTunes.

In Austria and the UK, the song reached number 1 in Switzerland 2nd place also in Ireland and Bulgaria was run at a number -one hit. In Finland reached Run 7th place and 13th place in Sweden in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, Run was able to place for a week at position 81 due to downloads.

The number in parentheses indicates the number of weeks at No. 1.


The ballad was evaluated largely positive:

  • Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol said the end of November 2008 that he had not heard the version of Leona Lewis. He was not sure whether he could approve it. In December, he then called Lewis as the next Whitney Houston.
  • CBBC Newsround praised the cover also: The song bring people cry, because everything fit together perfectly.
  • Digital Spy said, " Lewis wrings every last drop of emotion from Light Bodies text, they kehlt her inner Mariah Carey out when she sings the crescendo. " Were awarded three out of five stars.