Saas -Almagell

Saas -Almagell (until 31 December 2006: Saas Almagell ) is a municipality in the district of Visp in the canton of Valais.


The Saas Gell is located in the Saas Valley, surrounded by many four- thousanders of the Valais Alps. Saas -Almagell is the southernmost of the four Saastaldörfer ( Saas -Fee, Saas -Grund and Saas -Balen ) and is located at 1600 meters above the sea.

Almagell is divided into the hamlets: Lehn, Chaischlittu, under the cross, to a mountain, village square, Furrusand, and the settlements Zerbriggu, Biele, Älpie, Moss, Furggstalden and the torn Zermeiggern. The Alps Furggu, Eyen, thistle and Matt Mark are slightly worn in the summer even with cattle.

The dominant mountain above Saas Almagell is the Almagellerhorn about three kilometers southeast of the village lying.


The executive branch is represented by the Municipal Council, which consists of 5 members.


The origin of the name Alma Gell is controversial. In numerous documents from the years 1291 to 1794 we find the following notations: Armenzello, Almenkel, Almelkel, Almgell, Almakel, Almengel, Allmagel, Allmogel. Almelkel perhaps because Italian neighbors the place called Al Michél.

The name is derived but also of Latin and Roman origin. " Manicula " or " al manzel " = plow handle, which would represent the figurative expression for " at the fork ". This refers to the junction for Antona and Monte Moro Pass. Other interpretations believe the origin of Alma Gell at the Saracens to have found. In Arabic means " al - magl " the outpost.


Whether the name Alma Gell goes back to an Arab settlement of the 10th century, is disputed. Ligurians, Celts, Romans, Alemanni and Saracens once inhabited the Saas Valley.

Culture and Religion

The living conditions in the harsh nature were difficult at any time. Depth faith helped people deal with it. To this day, many customs and traditions by the thousands of years of isolation have received. The Corpus Christi processions ( the Thursday after Trinity Sunday) in the villages of the Saas Valley are among the finest of its kind in the Pennine valleys. Following high office in the parish church, the procession from the church beginning, then proceeds around the village to the hamlets, back to the church square and ends with a visit to the cemetery.

The train of procession consists of the " sky ", which is supported by four councilors, under which the priest holds the monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament in his hands, the communicants in their white coats, the Kränzelmädchen, the standard-bearers, the music clubs, the choir, the costume women, the rosary flags, youth clubs, the Lord God grenadiers and the praying people. Stops four times the procession to the decorated altars Corpus Christi, and the priest with the gleaming gold monstrance blessing. The tradition goes back to the Middle Ages. Following there is an aperitif in the village square for guests and locals, surrounded by various musical performances.


The most important industry in the entire Saas Valley is tourism, in Saas -Almagell however, the electricity industry plays a role. Is located at the far end of the Saas Valley of Erdschüttdamm Matt Mark - the highest Erdstaudamm Europe - the dams up the Mattmarksee.


With its convenient location, tourism is the most important economic factor since the mid-20th century. Consequently, there is a strong tourist infrastructure with numerous hotels and restaurants in different price ranges as well as recreational and sports facilities. In the summer of Saas -Almagell is mostly visited by hikers and climbers. One of the best hikes is the trail from cross bottom of the Almagelleralp and finally along the adventure to Furggstalden. Then can be driven with the chairlift to the valley. The summer guest we offer 300 km of hiking trails, tennis, mini golf, football, playgrounds and much pure nature available.

History- Walser and smugglers paths lead over the passes Monte Moro and Mondelli to Macugnaga and the Valle Anzasca. From Monte Moro from the view opens in the Monte Rosa east face. About the Ofentalpass, the Antona and the Sunnigpass you get into the Valle d' Antona with the places Antona Schieranco and Viganella and the Zwischbergenpass to Gondo.

In winter outweighs the ski tourism. The transport complexes lead to Heidbodme ( 2,400 m). Schneetubing, sledding, cross-country skiing, snowshoe trails, ice rink and curling are among the offerings.

On communal land, the two Swiss Alpine Club huts are Britannia ( 3,030 m) and Almagellerhütte ( 2'894 m). From the Britannia you can climb the Allalinhorn, Rimpfischhorn and Strahlhorn. These mountains are partly easy to enter and count on the normal routes to the simpler four-thousand. For the more demanding routes the accompaniment is recommended by local mountain guides. The Almagellerhütte is on the way to Zwischbergenpass, which runs through the Zwischbergental to Gondo on the Simplon pass.

By Almageller leads up to the climbing paradise in the Almagellerhütte. From the SAC hut from the classic Dri elbow macaroni, Portjengrat and Lagograt be beat. In addition, can be found in the east wall of Dri Hoernli many sport climbing routes. A combined tour takes you along the southern ridge to white Mies.