Samuel Dalembert

Samuel Davis Dalembert ( born May 10, 1981 in Port-au -Prince, Haiti ) is a Haitian - Canadian basketball player. The 2.11 m wide and 114 -pound center player has been active since 2001 in the North American professional league NBA. He currently plays for the Dallas Mavericks.


Youth and College

Dalembert was born in Haiti and grew up in Port -au -Prince. At the age of 14 his family moved to the Canadian Montreal. There he began to be interested in the sport of basketball itself and began to play. After two years at Seton Hall University, he signed up for the 2001 NBA Draft and was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers as 26 players.


As a rookie, the athletic center ran in the 2001/ 02 season in 34 games, scoring 1.5 points and 2.0 rebounds in 5.2 minutes per game. A knee surgery forced Dalembert to suspend the complete season 2002 /03. The 2004/05 season was more successful, because he completed all 82 games of his team, and posted it 8.0 points, 7.6 rebounds and 2.3 blocks per game. In the following two seasons, no improvement in Dalemberts game and critics were loud voices showed that Dalembert designated as overpaid and lazy and collusion him a professional attitude to the sport of basketball. However, in the 2006/2007 season started Dalembert all 82 league matches and scored top marks in the categories of personal points average ( 10.7 ), rebounds per game ( 8.9 ), free throw percentage ( 74.6 % ), field throw percentage ( 54.1 %) and minutes per game ( 30.9 ). Even the seasons 2007/ 08 and 2008/ 09, he started all 82 games. On average, it reached 2007/ 08 10.5 points and 10.4 rebounds. 2008/ 09 he got less playing time and reached 6.4 points and 8.5 rebounds.

For the 2010/11 season he was transferred by the 76ers in exchange for Spencer Hawes and Andres Nocioni to the Sacramento Kings. He signed for season 2011/12 a new contract with the Kings and thus became a free agent.

Dalembert has been committed by the Houston Rockets just before the start of the 2011/12 season. After a season with the Rockets, he was transferred from Houston to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks, however, Dalembert could not prevail as hoped, as he was repeatedly forced by injuries to breaks.

For the season 2013/14 Dalembert for the Dallas Mavericks.

Canadian national

Samuel Dalembert requested a Canadian citizen in 2007 to meet with the national team after the dream of an Olympic participation. On 27 August 2007 he was finally a Canadian citizen and was taken shortly after the national team.

In July 2008, however, he was dismissed from the national team due to disciplinary offenses.


In 2010, Dalembert was awarded the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award for exemplary social commitment. He received the award for his humanitarian efforts for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Game style

Dalemberts game survived by his athleticism. His strengths include blocking a shot, made ​​possible by excellent timing, enormous bounce and a wingspan of about 2.30 m. In addition, Dalembert is exceptionally quick on his feet and extremely portable for Center. The weaknesses that his limited offensive skills and his inconstancy apply.