Sandwich (Kent)

Sandwich is a town in the county of Kent in England with about 4500 inhabitants. She is the sister city of Sonsbeck English and is located in the district of Dover.


Sandwich served on the merger in 1155, founded the Cinque Ports, which initially comprised five of the then most important port cities of the kingdom, including Dover and Hastings; later other places like Folkestone and Ramsgate have been added as so-called Limbs. They received from King Edward I. numerous privileges. Under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and again from the 18th century, the organization lost the real meaning.

During the Wars of the Roses, in 1460, a major battle took place near the town. After 1560, attracted many Dutch settlers, who were persecuted in their home for religious reasons, to the city. Thomas Paine lived in Sandwich from 1759 to 1768.

Not far north of the city of secret military port of Richborough Port was established in the First World War.

The place is regarded as the origin of the fast-food classic sandwich.


Among the attractions of the city, the Church of St. Clement 's Church is one of the 12th century. As also worth seeing are the St. Mary's Church, which was first mentioned in records in 1311, and the St. Peter 's Church.

Curfew Bell

From St. Peter 's Church from ringing every night (except Sundays) by 20 clock the Curfew Bell (German curfew ). Previously, this was a signal for the population, the pigs let out on the streets to have them, for example, eat the garbage ( and was therefore called Pigbell ). ( Called Goose Bell) A second bell rang as a signal that the pigs are to be collected again. The task of ringing the Curfew Bell takes on a group of 31 volunteers from the city that month have service once each.


In Sandwich there are 4 schools:

  • Sandwich Infant School (5 - to 7 -year-olds )
  • Sandwich Junior School ( 7 - to 11 -year-olds )
  • Sandwich Technology School
  • Sir Roger Manwood 's Grammar School (Gymnasium)

Sons and daughters of the town

Twin Cities

Sandwich has partnerships with the following cities:

  • Honfleur, France
  • Ronse ( Ronse ), Belgium
  • Sonsbeck, Germany