Subei Mongol Autonomous County

The Autonomous District Subei Mongol (肃北 蒙古族 自治县, Subei Mengguzu Zizhixian ) belongs to the administrative area of the prefecture-level city of Jiuquan in northwest China's Gansu Province. Its area of ​​66,748 km ² is divided by the independent city of Yumen and Anxi the circle into two approximately equal-sized areas. The northern of these two areas also represents the northernmost extension of Gansu Province, bordered to the north at 84.95 km in length to the State Mongolia (the only external border of Gansu ) and thus comes between the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The political, economic and cultural center Subeis is the greater community Dangchengwan; it lies in the southern part of the territory of the Autonomous Okrug. In Subei is the 5,798 m high Altun Shan, who has given the Altun Mountains its name. Subei is one of the most thinly populated areas of China.

Administrative Divisions

The Autonomous District Subei Mongolian consists of two large municipalities and six municipalities (areas sometimes not accurately measured, population figures from 1994 ):

  • Greater community Dangchengwan (党 城 湾镇), 5 km ², 4,000 inhabitants;
  • Greater community Mazongshan (马鬃山 镇) 20,000 km ², about 870 inhabitants;
  • Community Shibaocheng (石 包 城乡), 6910 km ², about 1,190 inhabitants;
  • Community Yanchiwan (盐池 湾乡) 19,000 km ², about 840 inhabitants;
  • Community Biegai (别 盖 乡), 5852 km ², about 910 inhabitants;
  • Community Dangcheng (党 城乡), 178 km ², about 2,520 inhabitants;
  • Community Yu'erhong (鱼儿 红 乡), 3180 km ², about 440 inhabitants;
  • Community Mingshui (明 水乡) 11,000 km ², about 200 inhabitants.

With the administrative reform and reorganization of the surface structure in the year 2006, all municipalities were resolved to Shibaocheng. Today, Subei is composed only of the large municipalities Dangchengwan and Mazongshan and from the community Shibaocheng. All areas and residents of the other above-mentioned communities were among the three administrative units.

Ethnic structure of the population Subeis (2000)

At the census in the year 2000 13.046 inhabitants were counted in Subei ( density of population nearly 0.2 inhabitants / km ²).