Süsel is a municipality in the district of East Holstein in Schleswig -Holstein. The municipality is bordered to the north by Eutin, on the northeast by Kasseedorf, to the east by Altenkrempe and Sierksdorf, to the south by Scharbeutz, on the southwest by Ahrensbok and to the northwest by Bosau.

Geography and transport

The community Süsel comprises the main town Süsel ( in the southeast ), in which most people live, and the other 14 village communities: Barkau ( in the southwest ), Bock Holt ( in the north), Bujendorf (in the east ), Ekelsdorf ( in the south), Fassendorf ( in the middle), Gömnitz (in the east ), Gothendorf (in the west ), Great My village ( in the northwest), Kesdorf ( in the southwest ), Middelburg ( in the middle), Ottendorf ( in the south), Robel ( in the middle), Woltersmühlen ( in the south) and Zarnekau ( in the northeast ). The districts Bujendorf and Robel each had a stop at the 1866 and 1982 set opened railway line Eutin -Neustadt.


On Süseler sea is the Süseler jump, the rest of a Slavic castle wall. Süsel was to the 12th century one of the main places of the resident contact. The wet lowlands were colonized from 1142 by Frisian farmers recruited.

The Romanesque Church of St. Lawrence was also built as part of the missionary in the 12th century, it belongs to the so-called vicelin churches, more can be found in Bornhöved, Bosau and Ratekau.

The proximity to the Baltic Sea a few kilometers away is the Gömnitzer tower. Until 1815 was called to the mountain Gömnitzer a large tree, Major. This solitaire served the shipping industry in the Bay of Lübeck as an orientation mark. The tree was struck by lightning and burned down. Since the navigators now lacked an important landmark, 1827-28 was the new Major, a brick tower built. The spire is 93 meters above sea level, the tower was restored in 1990 and 2010 and is publicly accessible.


Since 1 January 2007 Süsel forms an administrative community with the county town of Eutin and has transferred management businesses there. Since then, there in the community, only a volunteer mayor.

Municipal council

Of the 19 seats in the municipal council has the SPD since the local elections in 2013 nine seats, the CDU has seven seats and the CDU Community Süsel ( FWS ) three.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Azure, on a table covered with a blue wave bar golden Dreienberg a round, flat ceilings Silver Tower, which is accompanied by a golden sun on the right, to the left of a facing golden moon. "


Another unusual feature is the water ski lift near Süseler tree on which you drive with a water ski circuit through the Rumpelsee ( Stretch ).

Next, there is an off-road horse riding course with many natural obstacles and man-made water bodies, which was founded in 1987 in a former gravel pit.

Sons and daughters

  • Paul Behncke (1866-1937), Admiral and Chief of the German Navy