The circle is a circle in East Holstein Schleswig- Holstein.


The district area consists mainly of projecting into the Baltic Sea between Kiel Bay and the Bay of Lübeck Wagrien peninsula in Schleswig-Holstein hill country and its offshore island of Fehmarn, which is connected by the Fehmarn bridge as part of the bird's flight line to the mainland. The neighboring districts are in the western part of the district of Plön and the Segeberg, in the south of the district-free city of Lübeck and the Stormarn. The highest point of the circle is the Bungsberg at Schonwalde (168 m above sea level. NN ). The lake bed of the lake is Hemmelsdorfer with 39,10 m below sea level, the deepest cryptodepression Germany.


The economy is dominated by tourism, v. alia in the Baltic Sea resorts Holy port, Grömitz, Scharbeutz, Timmendorfer beach and the island of Fehmarn.


The main traffic route through the county east Holstein is the bird's flight line between Hamburg and Copenhagen with a ferry service between Puttgarden on the island of Fehmarn and the Danish island of Lolland Rodby on. Connected to the Vogelfluglinie is also the political discussion about the planned Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link between Fehmarn and Lolland, which will cause a further improvement of links between the metropolitan region of Hamburg and the Oresund Region. The Ostholstein forms with the Danish Storstromsamt the Europe region Fehmarn Belt, in cross- border projects can be particularly encouraged.

History and Structure

In the late migration period wandered Slavic Abodrites in the earlier Germanic populated, but now deserted area. From these, the part from 966 assignable tribe of Wagrians developed. This long successfully resisted Christianization and various conquest attempts. Only in the year 1111 by the Holy Roman Emperor enfeoffed with the county Holstein Look burgers there, Eastern Holstein 1138/39 to subdue militarily successful. Since the High Middle Ages, the area therefore belonged to Holstein and thus the Holy Roman Empire. The circle East Holstein was only in 1970 in the course of district reform in Schleswig -Holstein from the districts of Oldenburg in Holstein and Eutin. He is the only district in Schleswig -Holstein, where a relatively large proportion of towns and cities is official free.


  • Heritage Museum in Holy Harbour
  • Museum of the city of Neustadt in Holstein
  • Cap Arcona Museum in Neustadt in Holstein
  • East Holstein Museum in Eutin
  • Wall Museum Oldenburg in Holstein
  • Baltic Adventure World Fisheries Maritime Museum, Baltic Sea Aquarium

Cities and Towns

(Population at 31 December 2012)

Offices with official member municipalities (* = seat of the Office Administration)

  • 2 Office Oldenburg -Land ( 9211 ) [ Head Office: Oldenburg in Holstein ]
  • 3 Office East Holstein -Mitte ( 8795 )

The community Bosau ( 3457 inhabitants) is managed by the Office Greater Ploen Lake Plön.

Municipal offices and map


The directly elected Member of Parliament for East Holstein / Stormarn North Ingo Gädechens. The county council (59 seats) meets in the county town of Eutin.

District elections 2013

  • CDU 24 seats (-4)
  • SPD 18 seats ( 1)
  • FDP 3 seats (-4)
  • FWG 6 seats ( 1)
  • Green 7 seats ( 2)
  • The Left 1 seats (-2)

District elections 2008

  • CDU 28 seats ( ± 0)
  • SPD 17 seats ( 1)
  • FDP 7 seats ( 5)
  • FWG 5 seats ( 3)
  • Green 5 seats ( 2)
  • The Left 3 seats ( 3)

Despite lifting the five-percent hurdle, the NPD and the Oldenburg Wählergemeinschaft FBO received no seats.

District elections 2003

  • CDU 28 seats
  • SPD 16 seats
  • Green 3 seats
  • FDP 2 seats
  • FWG 2 seats

During the term of a Member of the SPD 's left the party and was therefore non-attached.

The directly elected district is Reinhard Sager (CDU ), Circle President Joachim Wegener ( CDU).

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Azure, a growing, silver two-story tower, the lower storey brick-built, with rundbogiger door opening and with battlements, the upper smooth, set back and with both sides overhanging battlements; about a golden isosceles and geradarmiges Tatzenkreuz, sullied up with a silver top and bottom framed by silver beads bishop hat with golden flying ribbons. "


Blazon: "In the midst of a white, upper and lower bounded by a narrow red stripe each field, the county coat of arms. "