Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic

The Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic (abbreviation TaSSR ) was dated 5 December 1929 until the independence of Tajikistan, 1991, a Union Republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.


From 1924 to In 1929 Tajikistan became an autonomous republic ( ASSR ) within the Uzbek SSR represents the Tajik ASSR. It was created on October 14, 1924 at the dissolution of the People's Republic of Bukhara and Turkestan ASSR and is also historically as part of the "old" Turkestan. The West with the capital Dushanbe ( until 1961 Stalinabad ) had previously belonged to the Emirate of Bukhara, the North was previously owned as of the former Turkestan ASSR Uzbekistan.

After the spin-off from Uzbekistan in 1929 Tajikistan became a union republic within the Soviet Union. In addition to the field of the Tajik SSR, ASSR was the region around Chodschent, previously part of the Uzbek SSR. The Tajik SSR was the smallest Soviet republic in Central Asia and the only one with persischsprachiger titular nation.

The territory of the Tajik SSR was subdivided into:

  • The Autonomous Oblast Gorno-Badakhshan
  • Kulyab region (October 27, 1939 to August 24, 1955 29 December 1973 to September 1988 )
  • Region Kurgan -Tube (January 7, 1944 to January 23, 1947, 1977 to September 1988)
  • Leninabad region (October 27, 1939 to March 28, 1962, from 23 December 1970, today Sughd )
  • Region Stalinabad (October 27, 1939 to April 10, 1951 )
  • Region Ura -Tube (January 19, 1945 to January 23, 1947 )
  • Khatlon region (from September 1988)

In 1991, Tajikistan declared under President Rahmon Nabijew independence and was immediately affected by a civil war.