Team Astromega

Team Astro Mega is a Belgian sports car racing team. His seat has the team in Heist -op -den-Berg.


The team was founded in 1995 by the then Belgian Formula 3000 racer Mikke Van Hool and his father, Marcel, to create good conditions for Mikke after a season in 1994. After a less successful 1995 season with Van Hool as the only driver, it evolved in 1996 as a two - car team at a competitive rivals and reached with Marc Goossens two race wins and third overall in the drivers' and team championships. 1998 and 1999 followed, each with Gonzalo Rodríguez, two other third overall position in the driver standings. Up to and including 2001, the team won at least one race per season. 2003 met Werner Gillis as " CEO" of the team. After the end of the International Formula 3000 championship occurred in 2005 and sporadically in 2006 in the Italian Formula 3000 and Euro Series 3000 on, in Giacomo Ricci 2005 Total was third, and also served from 2005 to 2009 as a team of A1 Team China in the A1GP series where one or the other respect success was achieved. 2008 also equipped Flamengo Rio de Janeiro and RSC Anderlecht in the Superleague Formula and allowed Craig Dolby and Anderlecht a sixth place in the overall standings.

Also in "lower" formula series, the team Astro Mega was active. At the 2003 existing and 2007 Belgian Formula Renault 1.6, the team participated in 2006 and 2007 and reached in these years with Craig Dolby and karline STALA the drivers' championship, with the latter regarded as the first title of a woman in an international Formula series. 2010 joined with Sam Dejonghe in the Formula Renault NEC and helped him to fifth overall.

In 2008, the team as a JD by Astro Mega one more Lamborghini Gallardo GT3s in the Belgian GT Championship.

By Gastón Mazzacane (1998), Justin Wilson ( 1999), Fernando Alonso (2000) and Giorgio Pantano (2001) drove for four to become Formula 1 drivers to Formula 3000 times for Team Astro Mega.


  • Craig Dolby: Formula Renault 1.6 Belgium (2006)
  • Karline Stala: Formula Renault 1.6 Belgium (2007)