Tekija (Kladovo)

Tekija (Cyrillic: Текија ) is a small town in the Opština Kladovo in ostserbischen Okrug Bor


Tekija lies on the right bank of the Danube, near Donji Milanovac. Further downstream are the two closest gorges of the Danube. The first narrow stream ( Veliki Kazan ) is 150m wide and 90m deep, the second (Mali Kazan ) is 300m wide.

The small town is situated on the slopes of Miroc right and to the left slopes of the Carpathians. Near them was the island of Ada Kaleh.


Near tekija one finds the remains of the ancient Roman road that was beaten into rocks. The Emperor Tiberius and Trajan built following this road.

In tekija died in 1788, the Serbian military leader Koca Andjelkovic. Today, a monument commemorates three kilometers from tekija downriver at him.

During the construction of the dam in 1964 was flooded tekija. As in 1972, the reservoir was created, the town had to be moved because the old city area was within the reservoir.


After numerous variations over time, the population fell sharply after the Yugoslav wars, especially since many residents went as labor migrants abroad.

The 2002 census (self- nomination) showed that 967 people live in the small town. These were:

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The village has a tourist -developed infrastructure with a small campsite along the Danube River. Every year in August the Catfish Fishing Competition Zlatna Bučka Ðerdapa is performed.