The Sisters (1938 film)

Three sisters from Montana ( Original title: The Sisters) is an American melodrama by Anatole Litvak in 1938 with Errol Flynn and Bette Davis in the lead roles. As a literary work was the novel The Sisters of Myron Brinig.


In 1904 the three sisters Louise, Helen and Grace Elliott strive each to marry a well-off man in a small town in Montana. Above all, Helen, the prettiest of the three, longs for a fashionable life at a wealthy man's side. At a ball at the presidential election Louise learns to know the elders, a native of San Francisco sports reporter Frank Medlin. For both it is love at first sight and a few days later they announce surprising their wedding plans. Against the wishes of her parents as Frank's wife Louise pulls to San Francisco. Her two sisters also married. While Grace in Tom Knivel find a suitable partner and gives him a son, Helen decides for the elderly, but very rich Sam Johnson, they may not love, but which is nevertheless ready to fulfill her every wish.

Louise and Frank love each other very much, but Frank's professional failures increasingly negative impact on their marriage. As a reporter, he earned little money and the novel he has always wanted to write, is not finished. He begins to drink out of frustration, but want to stop again, as expected Louise a child. After a boxing match, via the Frank should write a report that he wants to bring Louise, who has accompanied him home. Louise, however, insists that he does his job, and goes alone. On the way to her apartment Louise suddenly collapses and suffers a miscarriage. Frank is devastated and blames herself for the misfortune. He begins to drink again.

In view of numerous unpaid bills and the realization that he does not even have enough money to buy a Christmas Louise, Frank goes to his boss to ask for more content. His boss dismisses him because he drinks too much Frank and his work suffers. As Louise would like to improve their financial situation and take a job in the department store of William Benson, Frank plaguing the more remorse, his wife can not have the life they deserve. From wounded pride he forbids her to take the job. Both quarrel, whereupon Frank pulls ahead and get drunk. While he has a few months later he still had no new job, flowering Louise in her work as a secretary. Out of shame and guilt Frank San Francisco wants to leave. He hires on a ship and sailed the same night as a simple sailor it. The next day, San Francisco is haunted by a violent earthquake and Louise's apartment is destroyed by the force of nature. Louise itself can save her friend Flora to Oakland, where they are absorbed by Flora's mother. When Frank learns by radio message from the disaster, he will get me back immediately, but the captain of his ship refuses to change course.

After two years of San Francisco is built almost completely again and again Louise works for William Benson. When she learns of her sister Grace, that this was betrayed by her husband, Tom, Louise travels shortly to her hometown to Montana. Even Helen arrives to assist Grace. Ultimately Louise Grace can convince you to give Tom another chance. Meanwhile, Frank arrives at the port of San Francisco. When he learns that Louise is living in Montana, he travels to her. At the presidential election in 1908, a ball is held there again. When Frank and Louise meet again, they fall happily in his arms and decide again to try another.


After Errol Flynn had risen with adventure films such as Captain Blood ( Captain Blood, 1935) and Robin Hood, King of the Vagabonds ( The Adventures of Robin Hood, 1938) to the acclaimed Hollywood star, he tried his hand at Three Sisters from Montana for the first time from a serious role. A year later he was starring Bette Davis for the period film The Private Lives of Queen ( The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, 1993) again together in front of the camera.

Three sisters from Montana premiered on October 14, 1938 in the United States. In Germany, the melodrama was first shown on November 9, 1963 at the television.


The lexicon of the International film called Three Sisters from Montana as " [s ] entimentales Hollywood drama with a stellar cast ." Also prism spoke of a star-studded melodrama in which, however, "Bette Davis as a between self and sense of duty, marriage, honor and love in conflict who excels woman." The " as the shining hero of the adventure cinema" known Errol Flynn was again offered an " impressive debut as an actor in a tragic role ."

According to Variety 've Bette Davis " one of their most brilliant ideas " delivered. Errol Flynn was "a vivid portrayal " a reporter succeeded " even if his English accent easily misplaced acts ". Also, Anita Louise and Jane Bryan were convincing in their roles.

German version

The German synchronous processing was 1963.