Thirteen (Megadeth album)


Thirteen (usually written Th1rt3en ) is the thirteenth studio album by the American thrash metal band Megadeth. It is since The World Needs a Hero (2001), the first album, which was recorded with co-founder Dave Ellefson. It is also the first album of Megadeth, which has more than twelve titles.


After the band had separated from bassist James LoMenzo early 2010, the founding member and bassist acting up to the band broke up in 2001 David Ellefson rose after adjudicate various disputes with band leader Dave Mustaine in the spring of 2010 after three albums without his involvement finally back with Megadeth and then took directly to the first song after his return to work. The Grammy-nominated and on the soundtrack for the game Guitar Hero: serving Warriors of Rock "Sudden Death", however, should not be only for Ellefsons re-entry, but due to its great success and the musical Build on the previous album Endgame ultimately became the opener of their thirteenth studio album be, which should to be called " Th1rt3en " suitable, as Mustaine announced in August. It was also quite early announced that their new album should include re-recorded versions of older, unfinished songs, for a Millennium Of The Blind and the New World Order, which already appeared as demo versions on the re-release of Youthanasia in 2004, the other Black Swan, which was just four years earlier included as a bonus track on some pre-ordered United Abominations albums.

After the name " Th1r3ten asked" Mustaine said, it did not contain the title for several reasons. So of course partly because it was their thirteenth album, on the other hand he started at thirteen, playing the guitar and was born on September 13. Some could be in the album numerous allusions to the 13, starting with the thirteen candles, which can be seen on the cover of the thirteen songs on the album to exactly thirteen undead on each double page of the booklet. After the album's title track prompted " 13", Mustaine said in an interview that it comes in the song that Megadeth is a band and not a solo project. This impression came about because Mustaine is a difficult man and his band constellations did not keep still for long. That is the reason why he is the only founding member is continuously there and the band was given the nickname "Mega Dave".

Stylistically, the album is classified Extinction and Cryptic Writings era approximately in the Countdown to, with occasional musical by the admissions of older songs directions other albums are represented. Continued during " Never Dead " for example, the Peace Sells ... time remembered and "Deadly Nightshade " originally written during the album recordings to Youthanasia, so sounds "Sudden Death" strongly after the previous album Endgame 2009, not whose musical direction but overall is contrary to the very early announcements, the new album would go in the same direction.


Commented Michael Rensen of Rock Hard that a long time no more Megadeth album was so good. He also praised the production of Johnny K, she had to " light years better than the anemic Andy Sneap - Geschredder the last MEGADETH CDs ". He forgave 8.5 out of 10 possible points. Michael Edele of called Thirteen a varied album, which songs would cover the highlights of Megadeth's entire career. He forgave four out of five stars.

Title list

All songs were written by Dave Mustaine. Millennium Of The Blind he wrote with Marty Friedman. New World Order was written by Dave Mustaine, Dave Ellefson, Marty Friedman and Nick Menza. Partly also helped producer Johnny K Mustaine to write the song. The Japanese edition also received a live version of Public Enemy No.. 1 On ITunes, there is also a live version of the song Endgame Head Crusher.


  • Public Enemy No.1 ( published on September 13, 2011)
  • Never Dead ( published on September 21, 2011)
  • Whose Life ( Is It Anyways? ) ( Published on October 17, 2011)

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