Triple Gold Club

The Triple Gold Club (short TGC, German Triple Gold Club ) is a Hall of Fame, founded by the International Ice Hockey Federation IIHF who belong hockey player and coach, who in the course of their careers, according to the IIHF " three most important title of the sport " - world Cup, Olympics and the Stanley Cup of the National Hockey League - have won in any order. Admission to the club is so exclusive, therefore, as an Olympic ice hockey tournament takes place every four years, and the World Cup for companies operating in North America, players and coaches will be held parallel to the playoff games for the Stanley Cup win. In addition, it was uncommon until the 1990s, that Europeans - were active in the NHL, and is active in the NHL player until 1977 due to the professional practice of sport is not allowed to participate in World Championships and Olympic Games - also due to the Iron Curtain.

The first members of the first unofficial clubs were the three Swedes Tomas Jonsson, Mats Näslund and Håkan Loob, who could gain through participation in the Olympic victory of their home country at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer as the first player ever the three titles. Only with the inclusion of the first Canadians following the 2002 Winter Olympics, the term Triple Gold Club was coined. On 8 May 2007, the IIHF recognized the success of the then 18 players and announced that they should be officially honored during the men's 2008 World Championship in Canada in a ceremony. This plan, however, was rejected and rescheduled at the first edition of the Victoria Cup in September 2008.

As the first and so far the only coach ever to the Canadian Mike Babcock was given the honor of been added to the club. He had acquired the Canadian national team conducted 28 February 2010 on winning the gold medal at the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. Previously, he had his home country already looked at the world championship in 2004, when the team also won gold. He won the Stanley Cup in 2008 with the Detroit Red Wings.

Currently the club a total of 25 players and a coach of only four nations belong - namely Canada, Russia, Sweden and the Czech Republic - to. The players in turn are divided into six defenders and 19 forwards. A goalkeeper previously could not meet the requirements. The largest contingent represents Sweden with nine members. The most successful players of the 25 is the Russian defender Vyacheslav Fetisov, who won in his career seven world championships, two Olympic ice hockey tournaments and two Stanley Cups. 13 of the 25 players could realize the recording about winning the Stanley Cup played out annually. Nine players procured to access about winning the Olympic gold medal, while only three actors, record in the Triple Gold made ​​possible by winning the Club World Cup. A special position, the four Canadians Rob Blake, Scott Niedermayer, Chris Pronger and Joe Sakic order, including the World Cup of Hockey winning in addition, and Brendan Shanahan and the Russians Viacheslav Fetisov and Igor Larionov, the previous event, the Canada Cup won, . The benefit of this title is relevant to the recording in any way and also does not replace any of the other three titles.

The shortest time between the first win of the title and the inclusion in the club needed the Swedes Niklas Kronwall, Henrik Zetterberg and Mikael Samuelsson. They succeeded in 2006 to win both the Olympic hockey tournament and the World Cup. In 2008, then followed the Stanley Cup triumph. Vyacheslav Fetisov other hand, took a total of 19 years which elapsed between the first triumph and recording. He, his compatriot Igor Larionov and the Swede Peter Forsberg are also the only player to have won each of the three title more than once.


  • Pos: Specifies the order of the players again. This is determined by the date of entry into the club. At the same date, the date of the first title win is compared. For three identical data, the player who was younger when reaching the third track, is performed first.
  • Name: Lists the name of the player.
  • Country: Displays the flag of the country, had the nationality of the players.
  • Recorded: Denotes the date on which the player has been added to the club.
  • World Championships: Name the year / s of won world championships / s.
  • Olympic medals: Name the year / s of / r won Olympic victory / e
  • Stanley Cups: Name the year / s of / r -won Stanley Cup victory / e
  • The highlighted date indicates in each case the crucial title for the recording.