U10 (Berlin U-Bahn)

The line U10 of the Berlin U -Bahn was in the so-called " 200 - km - planning " (see: History of the Berlin U -Bahn ), and should after a large profile line of Weissensee through the city via Alexanderplatz and Potsdamer Platz up Steglitz and continue to Drake street lights in the field. The former line designation of the planning is "F".


After 1993 the plans were discarded for the U10 line in favor of a new subway line 3. This, together with the existing U3 only stop Wittenberg Platz. The northeastern branch of this line between Weissensee and Potsdamer Platz is consistent with the U10, then the U3 over the Magdeburg court should led to the Wittenberg Platz and in the existing line direction Uhland Street ( today's U1) be threaded. This would have to be converted from lower case to upper profile. The Südwestast the former U10 was abandoned in favor; against him saying, among other things, the parallel guide to the S- Bahn line S1.

Because of the numerous shell tunnels and stations, which are partly due to the transfer stations visible or elsewhere at different events occasionally can be seen - and are thus never completely disappeared from the consciousness - as well as from today's viewing now hopeless perfection, this line is popularly also referred to as a "phantom line ".


Planned next station were. Some of these are now part of the planned U3.


Plans for the construction of line 3 or line 10 were repeatedly become very concrete, but were ultimately not implemented. Therefore, there are many intermediate consumption today.

  • During the construction of the platforms of today's underground line U5 in the station Alexanderplatz ( Al ) two outer track troughs were helped build for the Weißenseer line to allow a later Platform same transfers. Today in the troughs tracks are laid, some of which are used for parking trains and the metro convertible rides. In the late 1960s the two tunnel nozzle towards Weissensee were each added to a shield chamber to allow for more timely excavation of two single-track tunnels in shield tunneling method in the redesign of Alexanderplatz. These plans failed, however, later on the financial possibilities. Including the tunnel nozzle followed in both directions, the building of the line F has length of 650 meters (towards Weissensee) or 575 meters (towards Potsdamer Platz).
  • With the start of work on closing the gap of the underground line U5 since 2010 from Alexanderplatz station to the Brandenburg Gate station, another interchange station will be constructed conceptually with the Berlin City Hall station. In the two-storey building, the underground line U10 is located in the lower level. As with early implementation of the U3 is not expected, this level is used first as a four-track sidings for trains of U5. A possible modification at a later station with side platforms is considered structurally.
  • In the course of the renovation of the mill dam bridge from 1936, a 95 meter long tunnel section as Vorratsbau been partly implemented below the Spree bed. When, after the reunification of Berlin plans to build an underground concrete were again, however, envisaged a shield tunneling in the area of ​​Fisherman's Island, which is why the now useless so-called " mill dam tunnel " was backfilled in 1997.
  • During the construction of the Regional station opened in May 2006, Potsdamer Platz and the platform of the U3 line has helped build. The side platforms separate the S-Bahn Passerelle in east-west direction. The connection is guaranteed by the underlying Passerelle of the regional train station (in the picture shown in dark gray). On the western head of the northern railway platform, a direct transition to also planned tram during the Potsdamer Straße is structurally prepared. The then zoning section extends even to the eastern end of Leipziger Platz, where an underpass subway line U2 is provided. This part was not executed. Overall, the realized construction phase is 392 meters long. The shell tunnel is occasionally used for event purposes.
  • Between 1967 and 1969, a 90-meter- long piece of the lower platform ( KTU ) has helped build the construction of the overhead platform of the subway line U7 at the station Kleist Park ( Kto ). The lying at right angles to the railway station part of the U10 is connected via a staircase cross with the U7. Furthermore, there are direct access to the distribution level.
  • During the construction of an acute angle to the S -Bahn ring running tunnels of the city highway for crossing under the Innsbruck place the underground line U4 was separated from the reciprocal tracks in the Eisackstraße south of the station Innsbruck Course ( Ip). Simultaneously, the platform of the subway line U10 ( Ipu ) was built under the city highway. For the transfer traffic between the subway lines and the S-Bahn a generous distribution level is provided. To avoid a renewed trapping the ring railway tracks, a shell tunnel was south of the lower station running below the railway tracks. Station and tunnel nozzle of U10 have a length of 200 meters.
  • During construction of the extension of the subway line U9 from Walther- Schreiber-Platz to Rathaus Steglitz in the years 1968 to 1974, a community building to accommodate the envisaged at a later time underground line U10 was built. Due to the confined spaces of the castle road, the two metro lines had to be performed in a two-storey tunnel. During the final stage, the V -shaped scale stations would allow at the branch points only an uncomfortable change, Castle Street ( Slu and Slo ) could be equal Platform switched in the direction of traffic on the two-storey railway station. Since usually scheduled for the U9 tunnel behind the station Rathaus Steglitz ( RZO ) no reversing facility for turning the trains decreed since inception swings the U9 between stations Walther- Schreiber-Platz ( Wsg ) and Castle Street on the for line U10 provided tracks to the end station Rathaus Steglitz ( Rzu ) to use the reversing facility at the Fronhoferstraße. In the originally planned extension of the U9 to Lankwitz the line should change to their actual distance which is completed by taking the S-Bahn station Rathaus Steglitz under construction. Between Castle and Rathaus Steglitz you drive accordingly a short distance on the tracks of the planned but never realized U10. (Shown in gray in the picture ) The executing building the line F has including sweeping and parking area in the Fronhoferstraße a total length of 1536 meters.

Further planning variant

Before the turn you played with the idea of ​​the line 10 from the National Gallery northwards to continue, under the relief road at the Brandenburg Gate / Reichstag to Lehrter station, go along Lehrterstraße to the level of Fennstraße ( Schering). Although this planning ends here, but it would be foolish not introduce this route up to the line 6. Thus, a link station could have been the Wedding Train Station. One possibility would be here quite a compound of the northern line 6 by line 10 to form a continuous line from Tegel to Steglitz ( light field ). The southern line 6 would therefore have the Koch Street Station found their permanent endpoint.