William Egbert

William Egbert ( born February 25, 1857 in Welland County, Ontario, † October 15, 1936 in Calgary, Alberta ) was a Canadian politician and physician. From 1925 to 1931 he was vice- governor of the province of Alberta.


Egbert attended after he graduated from the High School, the University of Toronto and left this 1889. Later he completed his studies at Victoria University and a Ph.D. later as a doctor of medicine. He also visited after his studies still universities in London and New York. During his studies he married on November 27, 1884 Eva C. Millar. He had two children by her, his son later became a judge at the Supreme Court of Alberta.

For a short time Egbert earned his living as a teacher in Dunville. There he managed to be rector. Then he concluded his studies in Toronto, worked as a doctor in Milverton and eventually opened a practice in 1904 in Calgary. Egbert, a member of the Alberta Liberal Party and Freemason, a candidate in 1909 for a seat in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, but was defeated in the constituency of Calgary.

In the same year Egbert was elected to the City Council of Calgary. In 1911 he stood unsuccessfully for election as mayor. From 1917 to 1925 he was chairman of the Alberta Provincial Federal Association and 1918 for one year president of the Municipal Chamber of Commerce. At the request of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King Egbert was appointed on 29 October 1925 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, the appointment took before Governor General Julian Byng. Until the election of his successor on March 5, 1931 Egbert held this office.

Egbert died on October 15, 1936 in Calgary and was buried there in the Union Cemetery.