William III, Count of Toulouse

William III. Taillefer († September 1037 ) from the House Toulouse, Count of Toulouse, Albi and Quercy. He was the son of Raymond III. Pons ( † after 961 ) and Gersende.

He and his vassals were known for the confiscation of church property. That which he took the Abbey Lézat he retorted 1015-1025. Pope John XIX. (1024-1032) ordered him to stop the land grab in Moissac - a problem that was solved only by his son and successor, pons, Moissac gave to the abbey of Cluny.

To 975 he married Arsinde of Anjou, daughter of Count Fulk II the Good; with her he had two sons, who both died young. In 1019 he closed his marriage to Emma of Provence, daughter of Rotbald III, Count of Provence.; by she inherited - after the death of her brother William V - her eldest son Pons except the county of Toulouse, the Margraviate of Provence.

Wilhelm became the most powerful prince in the western Languedoc. He bore the title of marchio prefatus in pago Tholosano ( Markgraf- prefect in the country Toulouse), extended its influence through the possession of his second wife on the Narbonensis and Provence from. On the other hand, he had a loss of power in his home town of Toulouse suffered, where he was forced by local nobles and clerics, to waive charges which he had imposed on the local market.

Children of William III. were:

From the marriage with Arsinde of Anjou:

His marriage to Emma of Provence:

He also had an illegitimate daughter: