The Yvette in Bures -sur -Yvette

The Yvette is a river in France, which runs in the Île- de -France region. It rises in the municipality of Les- Essarts -le- Roi, in the Regional Natural Park Haute vallée de Chevreuse. The Yvette drains generally in an easterly direction and empties after 39 kilometers at Epinay- sur -Orge as a left tributary of the Orge. On its way, the river crosses the départements of Yvelines and Essonne. His underflow leads in the Greater Paris through a densely populated area.

Places on the river

  • Dampierre -en- Yvelines
  • Chevreuse
  • Saint- Rémy -lès- Chevreuse
  • Gif- sur -Yvette
  • Bures- sur -Yvette
  • Orsay
  • Villebon -sur -Yvette
  • Palaiseau
  • Longjumeau
  • Savigny- sur -Orge
  • Epinay- sur -Orge