1. národní hokejová liga

The 1st League ( officially 1 národní hokejová league ) is the second highest league in Czech ice hockey. The league, which was founded during the separation of the Czech Republic from Slovakia in 1993, is carried out by the Czech Ice Hockey Association. The winner of the play-offs first league is entitled to participate in the Extraliga relegation.


The league was founded in 1993 after Czechoslovakia split up into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Above the first league was created, while the third division, the second league was established in two regional groups as a substructure of the first league of the highest Czech Extraliga league.

In the early years of the league consisted of 14 teams, 38 games completed in the regular season and in the playoffs two teams playing off who were allowed to take part in the relegation for the Extraliga. Before the start of the playoffs a qualifying round was pushed, in which the teams ranked five to twelve the quarter-final opponent for the four first-placed teams playing off. The two last-place teams, however, played a relegation to the ascent and descent against the champions of the third division. Back in 1994, the game number was increased to 40 and changed the mode of Relegation: The four best team in the second league participated with the two last placed the first league to a relegation round since Extraliga was increased by two teams. A year later, only two places were played in the first league in the relegation again.

From the season 1996/97 the number of games during the regular season was increased to 52 ( each 26 home and away games for each team ). In return, the playoffs were abolished, and the top two teams qualified directly for the Extra Liga relegation. As of 1997, only one team qualified for the play-offs, as the Extraliga teams strove for greater continuity in the league affiliation. Before the season 1999/2000, the mode has been changed again, they returned to 40 regular season games and the playoff mode back on which, however, only allowed to attend the eight best teams in the preliminary round. The remaining six teams played in another double round ( each 5 Home and Away ), the two participants at the 1st League relegation. As of 2001, only the last four teams to play down this series participated, and three years later the playdowns were abolished. for the number of preliminary matches was increased again to 52.

In the season 2006/ 07 no relegation in the first league was performed since the league should be increased to 16 teams. They played from 2007/ 08 into two regional groups initially a double round with all participants and then another double round in the regional groups, so that a total of 44 season games were completed. This was followed by pre- playoffs, in which the teams had to qualify in third through six for the quarter-finals. In the playdowns their latest teams placed the two direct relegated were played in the second league.

Participants 2013/14

And losers

The following table shows both the promoted and relegated to and from the Extraliga, as well as the up and relegated to the second league dar. teams that reached the rise in the relegation in the Extraliga, are marked in bold.