1998 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships

The 7th World Half Marathon Championships (official IAAF World Half Marathon Championships ) were held in the Swiss city of Uster on 27 September 1998. She was discharged on the route of the Greifensee run.

In the men's race, the eventual winner Paul Koech sat about halfway through the track on a larger leadership group and quickly built up a comfortable lead on. At the end of the race he lost, although again a few seconds on his pursuers, but nevertheless won clearly. Behind Hendrick Ramaala ersprintete in a tight decision to second place before the same time Khalid Skah. Ronaldo da Costa, who had only a week earlier set a new world record in the marathon at the Berlin Marathon, finished a respectable twelfth place. The team standings (total of times of the three fastest runners in a country) won South Africa, which could produce only country three runners in the top ten, ahead of Kenya and Ethiopia.

In the women's race, which was started twenty minutes later, a battle between the defending champion Tegla Loroupe and the former world record holder Elana Meyer developed. The last few miles Loroupe could out run a small projection which brought her the victory. She became the first athlete in the history of the World Half Marathon Championships, which succeeded a title defense. A considerable distance, but still far ahead of the rest of the field, Lidia Şimon followed in third place. The team competition was won by Kenya against Romania and Spain. For Romania, thus ending a five-year winning streak.


Individual ranking men

135 of 139 launched athletes crossed the finish line. Participants from German speaking countries: Place 31: Stéphane Schweickhardt Switzerland SUI, 1:02:48 h; 58th place: Röthlin Switzerland SUI, 1:04:30 h; Course 70: Oliver Mintzlaff Germany GER, 1:05:09 h; No. 72: Michael Fietz Germany GER, 1:05:15 h; Course 75: Hans Jörg jumper Switzerland SUI, 1:05:19 h; No. 83: Markus Gerber Switzerland SUI, 1:05:51 h; No. 90: Steffen Benecke Germany GER, 1:06:04 h; Course 96: Philip Rist Switzerland SUI, 1:06:32 h; Course 107: Michael Wolf Germany GER, 1:07:24 h; Course 110: Christian Fischer Germany GER, 1:07:56 h; Course 122: Roland Wille Liechtenstein LIE, 1:10:56 h

Team standings Men

A total of 29 teams counted. The Switzerland was ranked 12 in 3:12:37 h, Germany 18th place in 3:16:28 h

Individual ranking women

93 of 97 launched athletes crossed the finish line. Participants from German speaking countries: Place 18: Franziska Rochat -Moser Switzerland SUI, 1:11:47 h; # 24: Daria Nauer Switzerland SUI, 1:12:25 h; # 30: Sylvia Renz Germany GER, 1:12:44 h; # 32: Maren Ostringer Germany GER, 1:12:49 h; No. 48: Birgit Jerschabek Germany GER, 1:14:45 h; # 66: Ursula Jeitziner Switzerland SUI, 1:16:40 h; 68th place: Elisabeth War Ruprecht Switzerland SUI, 1:16:50 h; Course 70: Anna Ursula Olbrecht Switzerland SUI, 1:17:20 h; Course 88: Ines Cronjäger Germany GER, 1:21:52 h

Team ranking women

A total of 18 teams counted. Germany was ranked 9 in 3:40:18 h, Switzerland 10th in 3:40:52 h