1997 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships

The 6th World Half Marathon Championships (official IAAF World Half Marathon Championships ) were held in the Slovak city of Košice on 4 October 1997. She was discharged on the route of the International Peace Marathon.

The men's race produced some outstanding performances in favorable external conditions. The winner Shem Kororia from Kenya undercut with 59:56 minutes as only the third man in history, the one-hour mark on the half marathon distance and remained only nine seconds over the then world record. Also the world record holder Moses Tanui in second place achieved the goal with 59:58 min still under an hour. Never before this was two runners in the same race succeeded. With a time of exactly 60 minutes Kenneth Cheruiyot made ​​the Kenyan triple triumph perfect. Consequently, Kenya won the superior team standings (total of times of the three fastest runners in a country) off South Africa and Ethiopia.

In the women Tegla Loroupe won from Kenya sovereign in championship record time of 1:08:14 h after just 10 kilometers was her only her most dangerous rival, the world record holder Elana Meyer of South Africa follow. A short time later, however, this had to abandon the race, so that Loroupe safely took the victory. On the second and third place followed by far the Romanians Cristina Pomacu and Lidia Şimon. The team title went to the fifth year in a row to Romania, silver and bronze to Kenya and Japan.


Individual classification

Of 144 reported 143 athletes took to the start and reached the goal of 138.

Participants from German speaking countries: Place 12: Michael Fietz Germany GER, 1:01:18 h; # 13: Stéphane Schweickhardt Switzerland SUI, 1:01:26 h; No. 54: Röthlin Switzerland SUI, 1:03:29 h; No. 56: Jens Karrass Germany GER, 1:03:39 h; No. 67: Rainer Huth Germany GER, 1:04:34 h; No. 79: Hans Jörg jumper Switzerland SUI, 1:04:59 h; Course 86: Markus Gerber Switzerland SUI, 1:05:29 h in the official result lists Jens Karrass and Rainer Huth are the other way around listed, it is because the coach has, the numbers assigned to the runners wrong and this was never corrected.

Team standings

A total of 31 teams counted. Germany was ranked 11 in 3:09:31 h, Switzerland 13th place in 3:09:54 h


Individual classification

84 reported 83 athletes went to the start and reached the goal of 77. Other participants from German speaking countries: Place 16: Petra Wassiluk Germany GER, 1:11:03 h; No. 18: Iris Biba Germany GER, 1:11:17 h; 34th place: Ursula Jeitziner Switzerland SUI, 1:13:10 h; DNF: Christina May GER Germany.

Team standings

A total of 14 teams counted. Germany finished 5th in 3:32:16 h