480 BC

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Year of the Metal Rooster辛酉( at the beginning of the year Metal Monkey庚申)


Politics and World Affairs

Persian Wars

  • Athens announced due to the imminent attack by the Persian Empire a general amnesty. Among other things, the banished by ostracism Xanthippos and Aristides can return to their hometown.
  • To the August 11: " Molon labe ": Greek units, the Persians for days spent under Abrokomas at Thermopylae and add them heavy losses. It was only through the treachery of Ephialtes of Trachis succeeds the Persian army to bypass the pass and encircle the Greeks. A small Spartan unit to King Leonidas I. covers the withdrawal of the remaining troops and is completely wiped out at the Battle of Thermopylae.
  • August: The Battle of Artemisium is a draw.
  • September (probably 29 ): In the battle of Salamis, the Athenian fleet celebrating a decisive victory over the Persians under Themistocles. Great King Xerxes I fled back to Persia.


  • The 483 BC displaced former tyrant of Himera, Terillos, Carthage calls for help. In the battle of Himera defeating however Gelon, tyrant of Syracuse, and Theron of Akragas as the leader of an alliance of Greek city-states of the Sicilian led by Hamilcar the Carthaginian army, which Hamilcar is killed. Carthage must then pay compensation and there for some time, his ambitions in Sicily.

Roman Republic

  • Marcus Fabius Vibulanus from the patrician family of the Fabians is the second time consul of the Roman Republic.

Science and Technology

  • The Xerxes channel is completed after three years of construction.
  • 480 BC: The Carthaginian navigator Himilkon explored the North Atlantic probably to Britain.


  • ( to ): Greek vase painting: First Works of Pan - painter; the Brygos painter active in Athens
  • (um): In Greece, the austerity comes to style.
  • (um): In Central Europe, the La Tène period begins. It replaces the Hallstatt period.


  • Astylos of Croton wins three of four running competitions at the Olympic Games.
  • Theogenes wins the fist fight at the Olympic Games.


  • Antiphon, Greek philosopher and sophist
  • ( to ) Polykleitos, Greek sculptor


  • August: Abrokomas and Hyper Anthes, sons of the Persian king Darius I
  • August: Leonidas I, Spartan King
  • Late Year: Ariamenes, Ariabignes and Arsames, sons of the Persian king Darius I
  • Quintus Fabius Vibulanus, Roman consul
  • Cleombrotus, Spartan commander