7 Tage, 7 Köpfe

  • Rudi Carrell (1996-2002)
  • Karl Dall (1996-1997)
  • Bärbel Schäfer (1996-1997)
  • Hellmuth Karasek (1996-1997)
  • Milena Preradovic (1996-1997)
  • Mike Krüger (1996-2005)
  • Gaby Köster (1996-2005)
  • Kalle Pohl (1997-2005)
  • Bernd Stelter (1997-2005)
  • Oliver Welke (2002-2005)

Prominent guests from the field of cabaret and comedy

7 days, 7 heads was a comedy show of the television station RTL and offered a humorous look back at the past week. Moderated the mission of Jochen Busse.

Since 23 February 1996, the show was Friday afternoon on campus Hürth recorded in Studio 19 of the Magic Media Company and then in the evening, usually at 22:15 clock, aired on RTL. Producer of the telecast was Rudi Carrell, who was one of the presenters also sat for many years even before the camera. On 2 June 2005 it was announced that the show will set the end of 2005, among other things due to declining rates. On 30 December 2005, the last episode, which was designated as the grand finale, aired. In the 30 years anniversary show RTL there was a small revue show where Gaby Köster was as a guest star here.

The show


During the broadcast the current issues in the last seven days were considered in a humorous weekly review of seven celebrities.

The root ensemble consisted of the moderator Jochen Busse and six celebrities. Each week, the round was complemented by a changing guest from the field of cabaret or comedy. Each three celebrities were sitting left and right of the moderator at the table.

After buses had each of the topics briefly mentioned it commented on each of the celebrities in the form of gags, jokes or skits. The dynamic between the celebrities and the guests contributed to the success of the show.

It is now known that the contributions of the celebrities were written to 30 percent of a team of authors. Before recording were in a meeting topics, sequence and " gags " tuned to prevent that happen in the show " Doppler ".


For the regular cast included Mike Krüger (1996-2005), Kalle Pohl (1997-2005), Gaby Köster (1996-2005), Bernd Stelter (1997-2005) and Oliver Welke (2002-2005), who, having been a guest of had been show, took over the regular place of Rudi Carrell end of 2002. However, this appeared at intervals even for so-called " final gag " in front of the camera and produced the show.

Originally, the cast of Karl Dall (1996-1997), Bärbel Schäfer (1996-1997), Hellmuth Karasek (1996-1997), Milena Preradovic (1996-1997) and celebrities from the entertainment and politics, as Gregor Gysi, Jürgen Möllemann, Howard Carpendale, Lisa Fitz, Olli Dittrich, Sepp Maier, Heinz Schenk, Campino, Friedrich Nowottny or Marcel Reif.

Seventh place and sometimes one or two key places were awarded each week to a different celebrities from the field of cabaret or comedy. So there were about 70 different celebrities, including Simone SOLGA, Michael Mittermeier Meier, Rolf Miller, Ingo Appelt, Mario Barth, Django Asül, Dieter Noor, Atze Schröder, Piet Klocke, Jörg Knör, Maren Kroymann, Alf POIER, April Hailer, Stefan Raab, Hans Werner Olm, Willy Astor, Ingo Oschmann, Bernhard Hoëcker, Hennes Bender, David Leukert, Anka Zink, Eckart von Hirsch Hausen, Campino, Manes Mecke floor, Ludger Stratmann, Mathias Richling, Jürgen von der Lippe, Thomas Hermanns, Ina Müller and Oliver Pocher.

In the last show Harald Schmidt entered the last five minutes as a guest. Since Schmidt in his own late-night show is always very detailed making fun of the show - for which he was more or less " apologized " - he was always one of the biggest critics of the shipment. However, he finally agreed to this because of a guest appearance of his model and his father's friend Rudi Carrell, who was already sick at that time so that he only showered Harald Schmidt in the final appearance wordlessly with a glass of water.

Running gags

Over time, some things that must be described as a cult or a running gag developed. So Rudi Carrell has during his playing days always jokes about Mike Krüger housed nose and repeatedly doused him with water and this made ​​jokes about the Dutch and their caravans and Carrells age in return. Kalle Pohl was the victim of jokes about short stature, Bernd Stelter on thickness, Oliver Welke about hair loss, Jochen Busse on creases and Gaby Köster had to serve for wife jokes.

Other running gags were the " terrible childhood " by Mike Krüger. Was initiated this gag ever: " Yes, they know it all ... I had a ... ( audience :" Ooooohhh " ) terrible childhood. "

Running gags Kalle Pohl were supposed to be stunning success with women ( "Yes, as a woman I type ... " ), his increasingly angry cousin Hein Spack ( "Hey wat is going on, stupid bitch ?") Or its always mourning aunt Mimi. Gaby Köster made ​​such a joke with her always nagging grandma Finchen.

Jochen Busse welcomed the audience also always " known in his amiable way " and asked at the end of each mission: " Stay disposed towards us ." Last each shipment ended with a "surprise".


The format has been awarded several times. The show was doing so well-known television and audience awards, including the Golden Lion, the Bambi and the Golden Gong.

In 2004, a special prize of the German Comedy Award, 7 days, 7 heads, since the show on RTL was already 250 times on the air and have set new standards in the German television comedy.