ADA is an abbreviation for:

  • Exhaust center of the automotive industry, company for several German car manufacturers in Weissach
  • ADA ( VAR ) in 1987 based system house with 50 locations in Germany and about 1,000 employees, headquartered Willich (filed bankruptcy in March 2012 )
  • Adana Airport, one of the largest airports in Turkey, after the IATA code
  • Adenosine deaminase, the enzyme which plays a role in SCID
  • American Dental Association, Chicago, USA
  • American Diabetes Association Alexandria, USA
  • American Dietetic Association, American Society for German about dietetics and nutrition, based in Cleveland, Ohio, see Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Americans with Disabilities Act, see National Council on Disability
  • Andreas Dahl Meyer, founder of ADA Cosmetic GmbH Kehl, a manufacturing company in Germany for hotel cosmetics
  • Apple Design Award, Award for innovative software and hardware for Apple Mac and iPhone
  • Employers Association of German Pharmacists
  • Working Group of the archive conservators (ADA ), predecessor of the IADA
  • Assistant District Attorney, see assistant prosecutor
  • Circulation control the display leaves, see BVDA
  • Austrian Development Agency, governmental development organization in Austria
  • ADA - austrian directors association governing Austrian Association, the largest association of Austrian director

A.D.A. is an abbreviation for:

  • Académie Diplomatique Africaine ( African Diplomatic Academy ), international non-governmental organization, founded in Senegal in 1999

AdA is an abbreviation for:

  • Academy of working in the University of Frankfurt am Main as a charitable foundation, see European Academy of working
  • Member of the Army, see Swiss Army
  • Atlas of the German everyday language, see German Federal High German
  • Training of trainers and> aptitude examinations ', see # instructor training in Germany

Ada stands for:

  • ( 523 ) Ada, the main belt asteroid
  • Ada ( island), belonging to Montenegro Island at the mouth of the river Bojana in the Adriatic Sea
  • Ada (Mars crater ), a crater on Mars
  • Ada ( orchid ) plant genus of the Orchid Family
  • Ada (programming language), by Ada Lovelace named programming
  • Ada County in the U.S. state of Idaho
  • Ada manuscript Gospel Book around 800 in the city of Trier Library
  • Ada Public Library (also: Ada Arts and Heritage Center ), former library building in Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma
  • Villa Ada, the second largest public park in Rome
  • Ada or Ardor, a 1969 published novel by Vladimir Nabokov

Persons last name:

  • Jacqueline Ada (* 1994), Cameroonian football player
  • John Liku Ada ' (* 1948), Indonesian cleric, Archbishop of Makassar
  • Joseph Franklin Ada ( born 1943 ), American politician
  • Selman Ada ( born 1953 ), Turkish composer

Persons first name:

  • See Ada ( first name )


  • Ada (Ghana), city in Ghana östlichenb
  • Ada ( Opština ) community in Serbia
  • Ada ( Sarayköy ), village in Turkey
  • Ada (Vojvodina ), a town in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia

In the United States:

In NRHP -listed objects:

  • Ada Belle Oil Well, in Batson, Texas, ID no. 80004126
  • Ada Covered Bridge in Ada, Michigan, ID no. 70000275
  • Ada Odd Fellows Temple, in Boise, Idaho, ID no. 82000176
  • Ada Pennsylvania Station and Railroad Park, in Ada, Ohio, ID no. 98001014
  • Ada Public Library, in Ada, Oklahoma, ID no. 89001950
  • Ada Theatre, in Boise, Idaho, ID no. 74000724
  • Ada Village Hall, in Ada, Minnesota, ID no. 98000154

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