AGM-83 Bulldog

The technology developed by Texas Instruments for the U.S. Navy AGM -83 Bulldog was an air - to-ground missile in which the errors of the AGM -12 Bullpup should be resolved, but was not put into service.

The main problem with the Bullpup was the manual target system, which significantly reduced the hit performance, especially when fighting operations. The basis for the Bulldog the AGM -12B was used of a new - now 113 kg heavier - warhead and a new laser - target system was mounted. With this aim, a target system could be selected, which automatically had approached the Bulldog after its launch, without that it had to be marked. In the years 1971/72 tests were carried out with the new AGM, which she successfully completed, and the Navy planned that the Bulldogs should be put into service in 1974. In 1972, the setting of the program was decided in favor of the AGM-65 Maverick.

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