Aissirimou ( Aisirimou, Aisrimou ) is an East Timorese place and Suco in the subdistrict Aileu (District Aileu ).

The place

The place Aissirimou located south of the Sucos, at an altitude of 1168 m. It forms the eastern edge of the city Aileu Vila, along the river Mumdonihun. Here is a secondary school, the Escola Secundari Aissirimou.

The Suco

In Aissirimou 2,192 inhabitants ( 2010, 2004: 1,262 ). Almost 90 % of the population give Tetum Prasa as their native language. 8 % speak Mambai, just under 1 % speak Tetum Terik. The Suco is located in the north of the sub-district Aileu and has an area of ​​29.81 km ². To the west lies the Suco Seloi Craic, southwest of Suco Seloi Painting, southeast of the Suco Fahiria and east of the Suco Saboria. In the north of the sub-district Aissirimou Laulara, with its Sucos Madabeno, Cotolau and Talitu. Along the northern eastern border, the river flows Rureda. Together with the springing in Aissirimou Berecau he then forms as Berecali the remaining part of the boundary to Saboria. On the border with Fahiria strikes him from the east of the Huituco and forms the Mumdonihun, the border river to Fahiria. The rivers belong to the system of the Northern Laclos. Beyond northern and western border runs past the overland road from Dili to the city Aileu to Aissirimou. In the south of Sucos are the places Aissirimou, Aituhularan ( Aitularar, Aitularan ) Uaho and Saril.

In Suco are the five aldeias Aituhularan, Bercati, Bessilau, Erkoatun and Hudilaran.


Beginning of September 1999 destroyed during the crisis in East Timor militia members of the AHI ( Aku Hidup dengan Integrasi / Indonesia) systematically more Sucos in Aileu, including Aissirimou on September 5. Houses were burned and killed the livestock. The inhabitants were brought to Dili and then trucked on to Atambua in Indonesian West Timor.


In the elections of 2004/2005 Ilidio Mau Felo ( Elidio Mau Felo ) was elected Chefe de Suco and re-elected in 2009.