Fahiria is an East Timorese Suco and Aldeia in the subdistrict Aileu (District Aileu ).


The Suco Fahiria lies to the east of the sub-district Aileu and has an area of ​​43.77 km ². To the northwest lie the Sucos Saboria, Aissirimou and Seloi Painting, west and southwest Liurai Bandudato. In the northeast Fahiria adjacent to the sub-district Remexio with his Suco Fahisoi, on the east by the subdistrict Lequidoe with its Sucos Fahisoi, Manucassa, Namolesso and Betulau and on the south by the district Ainaro belonging subdistrict Maubisse with its Sucos Maulau and Fatubessi. A part of the border with Saboria follows the river Huituco, the further west is zuseammen with the coming of the north Berecali Mumdonihun, which forms the border with Aissirimou, Seloi Painting and Liurai while he swings to the south. From the west the Manolane comes, ultimately forming the Mumdonihun the Monofonihun, followed by a wide range of border Bandudato before he crosses Fahiria, the southern border Mancassas follows Fahiria, later called as a border river between Fahiria and Namolesso Manufonihun and finally Fahiria according leaves east. The Daisoli forms the border with gesanmte Maubisse. All rivers belong to the system of the Northern Laclos.

While the district capital Aileu Vila is beyond the Mumdonihun, there are only a few small settlements in the Suco Fahiria. On the south bank of the Huituco the village Sidole is. Near the confluence of Mumdonihun and Manolane the place Sarin is located in the extreme west of the Sucos. In Sidole there is a primary school.

In Suco there are the six aldeias Daulala, Fahiria, Fatubuti, Manulete, sarin and Sidole.


In Suco live 854 inhabitants (2010, 2004: 760). About 66 % of the population give Tetum Prasa as their native language. About 31 % speak Mambai with small minorities Bunak, Tetum Terik, Galoli or Habun.


The inhabitants of Fahiria were during the crisis in East Timor, forcibly zwangsverfrachtet by the AHI militia in the city Aileu on 4 September 1999. The houses in Fahiria were burned and killed the cattle.


In the elections of 2004/2005 was elected Luís Araújo Farias for Chefe de Suco. In the 2009 elections, Luís Naimau won.