Aleksey Vakhonin

Alexei Ivanovich Wachonin, Russian Алексей Иванович Вахонин, scientific transliteration Aleksei Ivanovich Vachonin, ( born March 10, 1935 in Gawrilowska, Kemerovo Oblast, Russian SFSR, † 1 September 1993 Schachty, Russia) was a Soviet weightlifter.


Alexei Wachonin grew up in Gawrilowska on in Kemerovo. Finally, in 1956, at age 21, he began weightlifting.

After initial success coach Rudolf Plukfelder took him to Schachty. From then on it was even steeper uphill. Wachonin was a multiple world and European champion and crowned his career with the Olympic gold medal in 1964 in Tokyo Bantamweight weight class in which he scored all his successes. He won it in front of his constant adversary Imre Foldi from Hungary, but had already achieved a world record in the Olympic triathlon to ensure the victory. In 1970, he finished with 35 years of his successful career.



(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, European Championship EM =, Ba = bantamweight )

USSR Championships

All bantamweight

World records bantamweight

Beidarmiges Launched:

Olympic triathlon:

  • 357.5 kg, 1964 in Tokyo.