Anita Hegerland

Anita Hegerland ( born March 3, 1961 in Sandefjord) is a Norwegian singer.


She had initially in Sweden in 1970 with Mitt Sommarlov, a song in Swedish on the melody of La Golondrina, her breakthrough as a child star.

The German-speaking audience, it was known in 1971, than it is the age of ten, together with Roy Black Beautifully recorded the title to be in the world. This song she sang with Roy Black in the film, when my baby bangs on the drum; it was also in the film pediatrician Dr. Frohlich listen and became a big hit. The following year, both sang the title in love and happy and cheerful, but could not quite match the success of its predecessor.

At Roy Blacks side Hegerland participated in the film comedy age Kahn and young love (1973 ) If my next baby bangs on the drum (1971).

After Mike Oldfield on the single Pictures in the Dark on the side of Aled Jones and Barry Palmer made ​​a guest appearance in 1985, it was from 1987 to 1991 Oldfields companion. They have two children together named Greta and Noah. With their present life partner, she lives in Norway.

In addition to the vocal appearances on the Mike Oldfield albums Islands and Earthmoving she published in 1994 on the label " Virgin " a solo CD called Voices, for which they won well-known musicians such as Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones and John Uriel.

For the 40th anniversary ( 1971-2011 ) of the title it is great to be in the world they took new to this, along with Chris Boltendahl and the musicians of the band Grave Digger in a heavy metal version. This version was published on 21 October 2011.



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