Earth Moving


Earth Moving is a studio album by the British musician Mike Oldfield from the year 1989., It is both the title of the album as well as a single sung title.

The album

  • Earthmoving 1989 marked the end of the phase in which Oldfield ( as required by Virgin Records ) put on corporate and well coupled out vocal pieces wrote. This phase began in 1979 and included the albums Platinum, QE2, Five Miles Out, Crises, and Discovery Islands. From the following album Amarok Oldfield sat until today (last 2008 album Music of the Spheres ) - with the exception of Heaven's Open (1991 ) - back to pure instrumental music.
  • Earth Moving was the last easily for Virgin to be marketed album, as Oldfield went with the unorthodox Amarok on the offensive and finally parted with this label.
  • This is ( to the efforts of the label also ) on which is not to find a single instrumental piece the only album of the artist.

Title list


UK # 30, D # 1, A # 21, CH # 3, S # 21


Earth Moving is a CD with very conventional songs. In previous albums, there was at least an instrumental piece, and repeatedly noted Oldfield in this respect (as in the booklet to Crises ): ' One side is very commercial ( ... ) while the other is more the stuff I want to do for personal satisfaction. It's a case of keeping everybody happy ' ( ' One side is very commercial (...), while the other rather contains the material that I create for personal gratification. Both sides are happy '). This ' personal satisfaction ' lacked in Earth Moving, so the album sounds listless; a fan noticed on the Internet: ' Even Oldfield loyalists will have trouble with Earth Moving, one of the artist 's lesser albums. ' ( ' Even loyal fans with Oldfield Earth Moving have problems, ., It is one of his worse albums ') The greatest success was the album in Germany, where it still climbed to number one, and the single ' Innocent ' made ​​it into the top 10

Song Info

The last track consists of two songs that merge with a short break, but have nothing in theme and content together.

The disco mix version of the song Earth Moving was released on Max Bacon's Solo Album From The Banks Of The River Irwell.

The piece begins with a German Hostage traffic message (5 seconds): " ... Autobahn A3: From Hannover towards Oberhausen between motorway ... ". It is the message on the occasion of the closure of the A3 as a result of police action in the hostage-taking of Gladbeck in 1988, referred to by the title of the piece.