QE2 (Album)


QE2 is a studio album by the British musician Mike Oldfield from the year 1980. It's like the same tracks on the album after the passenger ship Queen Elizabeth 2 named. Compared to previous albums, the music sounds generally harder, which is achieved through increased use of distorted electric guitars and dissonant harmonies.


On QE2 begins Oldfield Taurus series (first Title: Taurus I ), III (on Crises ) is continued on later albums with Taurus II (on Five Miles Out ) and Taurus. In the following parts of the trilogy isolated topics from Taurus I be taken, otherwise it is each independent compositions.

The album is also the remake of ABBA Arrival, which in the Oldfield - interpretation a more successful single was than the original. Another cover version included on the album is Wonderful Land, originally recorded by The Shadows. On several pieces Oldfield experimenting with the vocoder, a device for alienation of the voice. Also a special emphasis on percussion lifts QE2 on its predecessors: On drums Phil Collins works with (tracks 1 and 2). Ever Oldfield worked with any album before with so many musicians together, which can be attributed to the large number of different instruments, which he first bring to bear: African drums, violin, trumpet or saxophone was played by guest musicians (including Mike Frye, Philip Todd and Guy Barker ).

Title list


UK # 27, D # 12, A # 8, N # 23, USA # 164

The promotional tour

As of December 1980 Oldfield went on a promotional tour for his new album and also placed two stops in Germany and on the occasion of the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in London. In the course of this tour at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival, he took part. This concert was filmed and is provided as a DVD titled Live At Montreux 1981 since 2006 commercially available. From QE2 Oldfield played a medley of tracks 1, 2 and 6 and Conflict.