Guitars (Mike Oldfield album)


Mike Oldfield (various guitars)

Guitars is a studio album by the British musician Mike Oldfield from 1999 This is a concept album. ; the concept is that all sounds are produced with guitars.


  • Booklet and cover of the album show an externally altered Mike Oldfield - at this time the 46- year-old is seen in denim jacket and with blond highlights.
  • All noise and sounds generated only with guitars, including those that sound more like a drum. In addition to various types of guitars (about Midi ) were special playing techniques and sample method used.
  • With this experiment, Oldfield responded to allegations of possibly fans, his music was too electronically to The Songs Of Distant Earth and Tubular Bells III. 2003 and 2005 continued Oldfield Tr3s Lunas but with the albums and Light Shade back to computer technology.
  • To celebrate the release Oldfield went in summer 1999 under the slogan Then and Now with a small group of accompanying musicians on tour in Europe, where several concerts were held in Germany. It was to this day (as of 2013) last regular tour and apart from a few exceptions, the last live performances Oldfields at all.

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UK # 40, D # 16, R # 35, CH # 34