Ban Laem District

Amphoe Ban Laem ( Thai: อำเภอ บ้านแหลม ) is a district ( Amphoe ) of the Phetchaburi Province. The Phetchaburi province is located in the southwestern part of the central region of Thailand.


Neighboring districts ( from the southwest clockwise): Amphoe Mueang Phetchaburi and the Khao Yoi Phetchaburi Province and Amphoe Mueang Samut Songkhram and Amphawa Samut Songkhram Province. In the West, the " Bay of Bangkok " is.


In Tambon Bang Khrok a famous throughout Thailand sugar, the Nam Tan Maphrao ( น้ำตาล มะพร้าว ) is made from the water of the coconut.


Originally the territory of today's circle Ban Laem from the Khwaeng Khun Chamnan and Phrommasan under the administration of Mueang Phetchaburi. They were merged in 1904 to the present district.


Amphoe Ban Laem is divided into ten municipalities ( tambon), which further into 73 villages ( Muban ) are divided.

There are two small towns in the district ( Tambon thesaban ):

  • Bang Thabun ( Thai: เทศบาล ตำบล บาง ตะบูน ) consists of the Tambon Bang Bang Tabun Thabun and Ok,
  • Ban Laem ( เทศบาล ตำบล บ้านแหลม ) consists of parts of tambon Ban Laem.

There are nine " Tambon Administrative Organizations" (TAO, องค์การ บริหาร ส่วน ตำบล - administrative organizations).