Benjamin Ruggles

Benjamin Ruggles ( born February 21, 1783 in Abington, Windham County, Connecticut, † September 2, 1857 in St. Clairsville, Ohio ) was an American politician of the Democratic- Republican Party, and after their fragmentation for the National Republican Party.

After completing his school education, Ruggles studied law and was admitted to the Bar Association. In 1807 he moved to Marietta in Ohio and practiced there as a lawyer. From 1810 to 1815 he presided at the Court of Common Pleas for the third judicial district of Ohio.

After Ruggles was elected to the U.S. Senate. He served there for three terms of office until 1833. 1832 he did not stand for re- election. In the presidential elections in 1836, he belonged to the Whigs in the Electoral College. He then worked again as a lawyer as well as in agriculture.

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