James W. Huffman

James Wylie Huffman (born 13 September 1894 in Chandlersville, Ohio; † 20 May 1980, Pickerington, Ohio ) was an American politician for the Democrats from Ohio.

Huffman served during World War II in the Army. After the war he began studying law at the University of Chicago in 1922 and made his statements. After that, he began practicing as a lawyer in Chicago (Illinois ). A year later he returned to Ohio. He worked there from 1924 to 1926 as general secretary of the governor. From 1927 he worked for two years in the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

In 1944 he ran for the nomination as the Democratic candidate for the post of Governor of Ohio, but was elected in the election only to third place. After working in various positions within the government of Ohio, he was determined the vacant seat by Harold Hitz Burton in the U.S. Senate to take. In this position, he served only on 1945 until 1946. Election by a successor for him has been chosen that should hold the seat until the end of the legislative period.