Bernt Notke

Bernt Notke (* 1435 in Lassan in Pomerania; † beginning - before - May 12, 1509 in Lübeck ) was a Northern Europe known Lübeck painter and workshop manager, probably the most significant in the Baltic Sea region in the late Middle Ages. The question of whether he was also active as a sculptor himself, is rather negated by the current research.


Notke is from 1467 in Lübeck detectable, as he was inducted into the office of painter and glazier. At this time he was here longer active as a painter and lived in St. John Street, now Dr.- Julius-Leber -Straße. It is certain that he has at least partially completed his training as a painter box for the image -maker Pasquier Grenier of Tournai. With major contracts in the 1470s, he was able to acquire a house in 1479 Broad Street near the Church of St. James.

After he traveled several times in the 1480s to Sweden, he was a resident from 1491 for several years in Stockholm. Until 1496 he held the office of the Swedish mint master that was directly Sten Sture the Regent subject to the elders. Since 1498 Notke is proven again in Lübeck and will remain here until his death in 1509, in 1505 as a foreman of the St. Peter's Church.


John Altar of Schonenfahrer

Only three works are saved in documents as creations Notke or his workshop: the triumph of the cross and the rood screen in the cathedral of Lübeck, the altar in the cathedral of Aarhus and the altar of the Holy Spirit Church in Tallinn. Other works have been attributed to him in the course of research by stylistic analysis. Notke stands as next in Lubeck based artist Hermen Rode for the big time of the Hanseatic Art Exports in the late Middle Ages, according to many places in Northern Europe. One of the most important student Notke was Henning von der Heyde. The medieval art trade via Lübeck took place as a transit from other parts of Germany and the Netherlands, particularly in the Lower Rhine and from Flanders ( Bruges), or from our own production in Lübeck, for which the large workshop Notke is among many other unnamed.

List of Works

  • Lübeck's Dance of Death for Mary's Church from 1463; 1701 replaced by a copy of the church painter Anton Wortmann, this destroyed in 1942
  • Reval Dance of Death - replica Tallinn, formerly ' Reval ', remains today in St. Nicholas ' Church ( estn St. Nicholas' Church )
  • Wing of the altar of St. John Schonenfahrer in St. Anne Convent in Lübeck
  • Foundations of the Lübeck Bishop Albert II Krummendiek for the Lübeck Cathedral from 1477: triumphal Cross
  • Lay altar in front of the choir
  • Wood paneling of the rood screen of the Lübeck Cathedral

Unclear attribution

  • Altar for the church of Trondenes in Harstad in Northern Norway


  • Heinrich Wylsynck ( occupied)
  • Master Revaler Passion ( suspected)