Biedma Department

The department Biedma located in the northeast of the province of Chubut in southern Argentina and is one of the 15 administrative units in the province.

It is bordered to the north by the province of Río Negro, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by the department of Rawson and to the west by the Departamento Telsen.

The capital of the department Biedma is Puerto Madryn. It lies about 1334 km from Buenos Aires.

Cities and Towns

The department Biedma is divided into the following municipalities:

  • Puerto Madryn
  • Puerto Piramides
  • Mina Guanacache
  • Arroyo Verde
  • Puerto Lobos
  • Riacho San Jose


In addition to tourism, especially to Peninsula Valdes, fisheries, agriculture and the production of aluminum are the cornerstones of the economy.


  • Club Social y Atlético Guillermo Brown, who plays in the Torneo Argentino A, and
  • Deportivo Madryn in the Torneo Argentino B.