Bo'az Ma'uda

Boaz Mauda (Hebrew בועז מעודה; born April 23, 1987 in Elyakim ) is an Israeli singer.


Boaz Mauda grew up in Moshav Elyakim, a small subdivision near the northern Israeli city of Jokne'am, where he still lives today. His family is originally from Yemen. His mother is handicapped since birth. With the vocals Boaz Mauda began as a five- year-old, when he visited the synagogue with his father. In 2007 he finished with Cruet Ve'Shar first place in the fifth season of the talent show Kochav Nolad ( A Star is Born ), the Israeli version of Pop Idol / Germany sucht den Superstar.

On 14 November 2007, the Israeli TV station Channel 2 decided for Boaz Mauda as Israel's participants in the Euro Vision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade. At an event in February 2008 Mauda presented five different songs, of which the audience and a panel of judges the winner title Ke'ilu kan ( The Fire In Your Eyes ) chose. Was written the song of the previous winner of the Euro Vision Song Contest, Dana International. In the semi-final on 20 May 2008 in the Belgrade Arena, his title four days later held finals could qualify where this took a ninth place in the victory of the Russian Dima Bilan.


  • 2007 Mi Haya Ma'amin
  • Cruet Ve'Shar
  • Ke'ilu kan ( The Fire in Your Eyes )