Boris II of Bulgaria

Boris II (Bulgarian:? Борис; * 929, † 977 ) was Tsar of Bulgaria in the 10th century and ruled the Bulgarian Empire from 970 to 977

He was the son and heir of Tsar Peter I and Mary Irena of Byzantium, the granddaughter of the Byzantine Emperor Romanus I Lakapenos. It is believed that he ( later Krum ) belonged to the influential Bulgarian rule Dulo family. From 963 he was together with his brother Roman hostage Nicephorus II Phocas of the Byzantine Emperor. When his father Peter I died in 970, he returned with his brother back to Bulgaria. But the eastern part of the Bulgarian Empire was overrun by the prince of Kiev, Svyatoslav. Under the pressure of Knjaz Sviatoslav he had to delegate a part of the Bulgarian army against the new Byzantine Emperor John Tzimiskes. When the Byzantine Emperor John Tzimiskes to save under the pretext of Bulgaria by the Russians, 971 invaded the land, he could put up a poor. John Tzimiskes struck down the Russians and plundered the Bulgarian Eastern provinces with the capital Preslav. The western part of the empire was further governed by the Komitopuli. The Tsar himself and his brother Roman, he again led into captivity in Constantinople Opel. There Boris II had publicly release its symbols of power and got the usual Byzantine title of master officiorum, but he remained officially Tsar of the Bulgarians.

977 succeeded Tsar Boris II and his brother escape from Constantinople Opel, but the Tsar came on the Bulgarian- Byzantine border around under mysterious circumstances. He was succeeded by his brother, Tsar novel, which was supported by the Komitopuli.